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Basic DI question

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by SilverTurtle, May 16, 2005.

  1. I picked up sansamp BDDI last week and can't wait to use it live, but I have a really general question.

    I'm playing a church gig where they provide a 60 watt amp on stage which functions basically as my monitor and then they run DI into their PA. (This is all the church's equipment and is set up when I arrive).

    They have it set up so I plug direct into the amp and the DI is run from the back of the amp into the PA.

    I thought that the general set up would be bass --> sansamp (or any DI) --- > PA? I guess the amp needs to fit in there as well.

    I know just about nothing about live set ups so any information as to how you would set up and why would be great.

    I'd like to try out the sansamp this week, but don't want to mess up the sound guys' set ups, either.
  2. From what I can see, you have two options.

    1. Run from your bass into the Sansamp, with a line lead running from the line output of the Sanasmp to your amp for on stage monitoring and the XLR output running to the mixing desk (the same lead that is currently in the back of your amp - in built DI, I assume?).

    2. Run the same setup as above, but use the XLR out on the amps in built DI rather than the Sansamp. I would only do this if you were sure the DI was better than the Sansamp (I do this setup with my Ashdown ABM500 head).

    Both setups preserve your sound both on stage and through the FOH mix.
  3. As someone with a day job in pro sound AND a bass player in my free time. I would agree with the above. Just put your San Amp in the your chain and see if the sound guys would like you tap into it. If for some reason they don't want to, well that's fine, you've got your sound and hopefully the church DI is as good. If they are worth anything their ears will tell them it's a great DI box

    For what it's worth - when I play I use the San Amp as well. For live sound clients (read - the bass players) I like a BSS active DI if they don't have something decent on their rig....but most do.
  4. PhilMan99


    Jul 18, 2003
    US, Maryland
    I'm not familiar with the SansAmp, but I've had problems with ground-loops anytime I "split" my signal between an amp and the PA. I've had the same problem with a laptop computer at home (had to run off batteries).

    You may care to read-up a bit on "ground-loops". In the meantime, if you find you've got horrible "hum" or RF-problems:
    * See if you've got "ground-lift" switches anywhere (my DI box has one).
    * If not, the Ebtech "Hum Eliminator" can help (helped me before I got a DI with ground-lift).
  5. Cool.. thanks for all of the replies. I'll take it this week and see what the sound guys think. I don't really *need* the BDDI in this situation, but it's a great excuse to use it live. :)

    Brown shark - I was thinking of using the first option you gave, but I'll look out for sound problems with that.

    Thanks again.
  6. Thanks Silver Turtle. I find the sound guys in my church (and other churches we play at around the country) are always keen for me to use the DI in the Sansamp rather than their own DI's, because they have such a good reputation and sometimes give a better signal back to the desk than the cheapy DI's they usually have. Plus, it frees up a DI for another instrument if the bass player brings their own.

    My advice would be to work with your sound guy to set up a sound through the Sansamp that he likes out front, and then EQ your amp from there. That way, bass player is happy and sound guy is happy!
  7. seanm

    seanm I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize! Supporting Member

    Feb 19, 2004
    Ottawa, Canada
    SilverTurtle, you may find that the sound guys want to use their DI just because they are comfortable with it. They know how the setup will work and don't have to futz with it. Plus, the cabling is already run.

    That does not mean you cannot use the SansAmp to shape your tone, just maybe not as a DI. If you run the SansAmp between your bass and the amp, the effected sound will also go out the DI on the amp to the FOH.

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