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    Oct 23, 2003
    Ann Arbor, MI
    yeah yeah do a search...but i want an easy quick general answer.

    i'm trying to get ultra low action on my fender jazz. i'm pretty good at set ups now.

    what combination do you use of (straight neck, slighty bowed down neck, and slightly bowed up neck) and (high bridge, low bridge, and meduim bridge).

    i can't find my happy place.

    for example i'm basically setting my neck staight and just dropping the bridge till i get a buzz. but i'm wondering if i should try a little bow or not.
  2. Steve


    Aug 10, 2001
    If you're going for super really need to look at the frets and get them dressed and leveled to start then keep them that way. It's just about aerospace tolerances and even small changes in humidity can cause the wood to swell just enough that you can pick up an odd buzz on one note.

    Just a little fret wear can drop the string enough that it will buzz at the next fret up.

    High performance is high maintenance and a PIA but if the frets are right and you have just a hair of bow in the neck, you should be able to go as low as you want without buzz and only have to deal with the clack of digging in too hard.
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