Basic switch/V/T on a PJ question.

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    All the switch/V/T diagrams I find show DPDT switches with 6 poles. I ordered a prewired harness, and the switch only has 4 poles. 3 on one side, and one on the other.

    Now I'm confused. The wiring on the switch doesn't match any of the diagrams I've found. I want N, N+B (series), B. Do I just connect the hots to the poles? That can't be right? I thought I understood basic electronics, but it seems I may be a dunce.
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    You're confounding POLES & TERMINALS.
    DPDT = Double-Pole Double-Throw (2 poles)

    Here's an example of a pickup selector switch:
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    Easiest way to find out is to take a multimeter to various combinations of the switch terminals.

    This looks like an Asian copy of a Gibson 3-way. That being the case, the outer terminals are inputs for your pickup leads, and the center is "common". The fourth terminal, out on the edge, is a shield ground, you don't have to connect anything to it, but you might get less noise tacking this wire to some shielding foil or a pot shell elsewhere in the cavity.

    This switch by itself will only give you a parallel combination of the two pickups in center position. I'm pretty sure a series combination is not possible with this setup. It might be, with some out of the box thinking (such as shorting a pickup instead of switching it out), but without some time and some graph paper to try to trace something out I'm gonna say this setup will be parallel-only with the switch in your hand.
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    OK. So it has 4 TERMINALS instead of the 6 TERMINALS I see on most diagrams.

    I don't understand your drawing. On the harness, I believe red is "ground" (TERMINAL 3) and white is "hot" (TERMINAL 4). I think your image is telling me to put the hot from the neck pickup on 1, the ground from the bridge pickup on 3, and the hot from the bridge on 4? Do I jumper 2-3?

    1 x
    2 4
    3 x
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    Get out your multimeter, set it to the lowest Ohms Ω (Resistance) & see what points have continuity (Zero Ω) when the switch is in different positions,
    then attach your pickup leads accordingly.
    Series wiring is out of the question with this switch.
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    Taking a meter to it, I think you're right.

    1 x
    2 4 (white wire)
    3 x

    Switch towards 1: continuity 1-2
    Switch middle: continuity 1-2-3
    Switch towards 3: continuity 2-3

    Hot from neck to 1, with jumper to 2?
    Hot from bridge to 3?

    1 | x <-- Hot from neck (or bridge) pup to 1
    2 | 4 <-- Hot from bridge (or neck) pup to 2, leave 4 (GND) as is
    3 | x <-- leave 3 (HOT) as is

    GND from both pickups to GND.

    Gives me

    Switch towards 1 - pup 1
    Switch middle - pup 1 + pup 2, parallel
    Switch towards 3 - pup 2
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