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bass advocate

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by kiwlm, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. I am a beginner guitarist player, trying to learn bass to form a band with my friends (most of my friends do only guitars).

    I would like to know all logical and emotional reasons why bass kicks ass! So that I have got something to say in return when my friends tell me "bass is easy, most guitar players can play bass" kind of stuffs...

    As I said, logical or emotional... bring it on! ;)
  2. Well think about it, you see a band, what do you groove along to eh?

    To me bass can be soulfull, or it can be thunderous and bring doom up through the floor. All without the use of a million effects or a huge spotlight.

    Bass can be mighty difficult to master. Depends on how far you want to take it. If you want to play just the root notes, then fine... but aim to play them well.

    For me the bass doesnt follow the guitar line. Nor does it follow the drums. It follows BOTH. In my metal band it could be very easy to say "well the guitars are too intense, i'll follow that kick drum" But no, i learn the guitar line and then see how it incorporates with the drums. I then find a happy medium in between. If the guitars go off doing their own thing, the bass follows the drums.. if the guitars need depth... then the bass follows the guitars.

    Without the bass in a band the music is just plain thin.

    Next time someone says "yeah but the bass is easy" get them to play it. My guitarist picks up my bass from time to time. He looks like a guitarist trying to play a bass. Pick it a mile away.......


  3. my favorite way to think about it is this.

    Bass is easier to learn the bassics of, but much harder to master.

    Guitar is harder to learn the basics, but easier to get seemingly great at.

    If all guitar players can play bass so well why are bands far more commonly looking for a decent bass player than a decent guitar player.

  4. mz91


    Apr 19, 2002
    Zug, Switzerland
    I agree completely with whats been said so far....
    But ultimately any Instrument you pick up is going to be as hard as you want to make it. No instrument has limits. There will always be something you can work on or something you can do better. There are no boundaries wether you play bass, guitar, or a triangle.
    I guess because Bass guitar is such a easy instrument to get the basics down everyone dismisses it after that and says its easy withought really diving into the unlimited possibiliies that the bass guitar offers. So whatever your guitarists say is just an uneducated opinion. And leave it at that. If the instrument calls to you and you enjoy playing it stick to it and forget about what everyone says. I started out on the guitar too. And even though there was always a certain negativity associated with the bass it was what i wanted to play. I liked the sound better, i felt more in tune to the music when i played somthing that "grooved" so i stuck to it. And i am happy that i did. Im sure you will be too. Sorry for the off track thread. i just lost focus towards the end there :meh: .
  5. Wow, thanks for the all the replies!

    After giving it some thought after posting my first post... I guess it actually depends on the type of music that is played... for some slow rock bands (my favourite is this Beyond band from HK), around 60-70% of the songs are simple.

    From what I read from the tabs in basstabarchive, Linkin Park's bass lines are pretty easy to play as well, and yet most of their songs just revolves around drums, basses and power chords.

    I do not know about the future, but I guess the motivation that will keep pushing me in the beginning will be able to play some band songs together with my friends.

    Maybe I would enjoy playing some bass solo kind of stuffs when the time is right.
  6. SyntaxError


    Sep 24, 2003
    lets face it... sure, the guitar player gets play the lead gets to shred his solos.. yeah... whatever... bassplayer does one slap solo, he's the hero for the rest of the night..
  7. *ToNeS*


    Jan 12, 2001
    Sydney AU
    And that's what it's ALL about, hey? :rolleyes:
  8. SyntaxError


    Sep 24, 2003
    of course not, but it's somthing that you can hang over your guitar player's head next time they make one of their cocky comments...
  9. *ToNeS*


    Jan 12, 2001
    Sydney AU
    You'd be the bigger man (and musician) for simply not playing into that kinda immaturity. Does it matter? If you have the skills, you know it. I don't understand why all you lads feel you gotta prove something - when I relate my feelings/thoughts to someone, I'm not trying to impress them or demoralise that person with them. Music is much the same in my book.
  10. Tones... sorry if you feel frustrated! I think once you have reached certain level, music is much the same... but I have not reached that level yet! And I need some motivation myself!

    Thanks for all the replies though.. you guys are great!

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