Bass amp head to play both six guitar and bass guitar

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  1. richardempty


    Jan 22, 2017
    hi. i know this is a well covered topic but i wanted to dive into it some more.

    i'm looking for a bass amp head. dual purpose.

    i have a great 15" bass cab, with a scorpion speaker. down the road, i'll also purchase a great guitar cab too. i'm currently playing bass through a small Carvin Microbass and using my 15" cab as the extension. cool sound and it can gig okay. but i want to expand.

    i've looked up some options and what looks most intriguing to me are:
    • Sunn tube amps
    • Traynor YBA
    • Laney AOR

    i love tube sounds for guitar amps. these amps have that growl and capability to doom drone for days. what i'm wondering is how practical is it really? i want to maintain the bottom end for stoner chuffage. would i be able to hook up both a bass cab and a guitar cab (GRANTED THE OHMS MATCH!) with these amp heads?

    i'm also wondering if this is even a worthwhile endeavor. perhaps there is an alternative. my aim is to consolidate. i'm not much interested in Bassmans. Or super expensive Superbasses or Hiwatt 100's.
  2. Some variety style gigs I play bass and guitar alternately. I use my Ampeg PF 800 for bass and my archtop guitars for jazz/country/blues/old time fiddle/classic rock stuff. I also use the PF115HE cab for a tight sound, but not the PF115LF as it's just too boomy for guitar.
    A guitar cab would be better I suppose, but then I'd be carrying two cabs (too much stuff). Might as well drag my Peavey VK212 in that case.
  3. WoodyJ


    Jul 29, 2008
    Atlanta GA suburb
    A '60's Fender Dual Showman works beautifully for guitar and bass. 85 watts of tube-driven bliss.

    This one is a '67 backdated to '61-62 cosmetics and cost about the same as a used Deluxe Reverb. Loud enough? Go to a Dick Dale concert and you'll quickly find out. :thumbsup:

    A cabinetmaker friend built the pictured 1x15 cabinet. It has an E-V 4 ohm speaker that is guitar and bass friendly.