Bass amp suggestions.

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  1. I'm looking for a good head. I wish I had places to try them out but no luck. Here's what I like, I really like the ampeg tone, but I also really like the gallien Kruger punch. I would like it to at least have some tubes or be full tubes for my pedals to change the tone. Also I'm going to get a 4x10 cab and I'm looking at the avatar, any suggestions there would be nice.
  2. MarkBass Little mark tube. It's got botha solid state and tube pre that you can blend together, 800 watts and is very light weight.
  3. If you want the SVT vibe also. Get a Tech 21 VTBass pedal. It nails the SVT thing. I have one. It's pretty sweet.
  4. pan1k


    Sep 16, 2011
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    Love my MBFusion By GK. It has preamp tubes, punch, and if you roll the contour up, it rounds out the tone, more Ampegesque. Bang for the buck. I also have a zoom b3, so if i need amp sims i can go to that, but i love my stack wayy to much to even consider them.
  5. might want to take a look at the Genz Benz Shuttles, more Ampeg than GK but can get some grind out of them nicely with proper gain-staging. The 6.x and 9.x have tube pre's.

    +1 on the GK Fusion, very nice amp.
  6. Mb fusion or fusion 550? Is the only difference the size and power?
  7. punisher911


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    Orange TB500 into a GK neo 410 sounds damn good.
    The TB has the two tube preamp. The GK neo is just a solid nice sounding cab at a decent price, albeit a bit boomy. Not quite Ampeg HLF boomy, but boomy. I went with the HLF for my TB500 for the boom... I like vibrating the stage. lol
  8. MB Fusion has the same three tube (six stage full plate voltage) preamp as the Fusion 550. The MB is class D amp output, no biamp. Fusion 550 is traditional class H with seperate horn amp (biamp with G-K cabs that support HMS Biamp).
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    Please check out the Tec Amp Puma 500/900....unbelievable gear~!
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    Mar 19, 2004
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    I'd go MB Fusion, too. And good advice about getting a Tech 21 pedal for when you really want that retro sound. VT Bass or SansAmp Bass Driver.

    I don't like 410 cabs. Too heavy and too much of it is at ankle level. I'd prefer anything more vertical. A pair of 210s or 212s or a pair of 115s maybe.
  12. soulman969


    Oct 6, 2011
    I think you should probably decide which tonality you favor. The GK or the Ampeg? They kind of work different sides of the block.

    I also think the suggestions about getting a GK head and using a preamp to tweak it a little bit more towards that "old school" sound of an Ampeg tune head is probably the way to go if it's variety you seek.
  13. vgbob


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    You didn't mention how loud this needs to be. IMO an SVT has all the punch you'll ever need, but maybe you don't need THAT much. Or as many people feel it's just too heavy to use in all situations. If you want tubes, to me that is all tube. So, it would help to know what kind of volume you are looking for. Do you want to stay clean, or gritty?
    I have several cabs, including a 410, that I run with everything from 15 watts to 300 watts (tube) - it all depends on what you are trying to get out of it. Do you need more than one channel? Check out the Fender 100T and 300 threads here. IMO the Ashdown LB is a bit small for live situations. I have an SVT which you can't beat, but sometimes
    can't use because it is just too much.
  14. JimmyM


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    An SVT 3 Pro or SVT 7 Pro might be cool for you with a 410. They both have some tubes in them. PF500 doesn't have a tube but it sounds pretty tubey for an amp with no tubes and you can get it for a good price new. Or you can go for the full-on approach, but I wouldn't waste an amp like an all-tube SVT on a cheap 410.
  15. I wouldn't waste any amp on any 4x10, cheap or otherwise, not if you want dispersion for doing gigs without PA. Get two 2x10.

    Better lay out the budget and what you want to do with it. Seems if you're looking at new Avatar you probably haven't the cash to blow on SVT. As always, used gear gets you a lot more bang for buck.

    Trading used amps around is a bit of a TB pastime, costing a little for freight on tube amps but otherwise not much at all. Traynor YBA200 go cheap enough for a taste of all tubes with power to gig. Some Peavey's also. These use toroidal power supplies so don't weigh near the same as vintage tube.
  16. Bassist30

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    Mar 19, 2004
    Ampeg tone with GK punch, I would go with the GK MB500 Fusion. I very recently got one. Yesterday and will play it out today. Early to suggest I know but its very surprisingly loud for a 500 watt amp and it has a great eq section with a good price tag. As far as a 410, which i see you play upright to so im sure you have enough smaller cabinets therefore a 410 is what you want. Not experienced with Avatar but a good one is Bergantino. The HD series is heavy 88 pounds. I have an AE 410 and its more aggressive at around 60 lbs. It doesn't have the bottom as the HD but very good all the same and you may like it if you are likeing the ampeg sort of sound. You are having problems trying amps out ?. You live in Mississippi and I know there is a Guitar Center somewhere there. Might be worth the trip.
  17. The guitar center closest to me is two hours, I went there a few months ago and the bass amplification section blew. All they had was mark bass, peavey, ampeg, and the non fusion gk's. The amps they did have from ampeg was an svt cl and an svt 4 pro. If they had more stuff I would be glad to go. I'm getting mixed responses on the 410 cab, I played through a Hartke 410 for a gig once and compared to the 115 I was using it was a breath of fresh air. I might consider a 2 12. I play every style literally, plus upright, but I did notice when playing through the 410 my slapping and fingers had a good articulate sound. Being a bass player in my area is good because everyone is a guitar player so I get a ton of gigs, but I never find any gear above a peavy. Plus peavy is made here. I don't need something with a bunch of channels, just a good eq and tone controls. I'm not to worried about fancy, just want something that sounds great. I would like to at least have a tube pre amp. I watched a demo with Ed friedland playing through a genz Benz shuttle and it looks nice.
  18. scottfeldstein

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    Jun 20, 2011
    West Bend, Wisconsin
    True that. If I was building my rig over again I might go that route, or maybe the GK MB Fusion.
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    Demeter HPB1 Preamp and a Crown XLS1500 Amp... Smoking systems and versatile. Couple that with an Epifani 310 UL cab, sitting on top of a Schroeder 2 - 12 L cabinet, Neo Speakers in both. The Epifani has now special designed Dual Voice coil drivers that the coils are wired in series. Great capability and long throw. Light enough that you can walk on a stage with a cabinet in each hand.