bass amp SWR LA12, LANEY RB3, FENDER RUMBLE 75, Peavey Max115 (old model)

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  1. albertofunk24


    Sep 23, 2012
    hello friends, I need an amp to practice with the band, but I have much budget, my options are:

    8ohm SWR LA12 60Watts
    Fender Rumble 8ohm 75watts
    Laney RB3 8ohm 65Watts
    Peavey MAX115 old model of 60Watts 8ohm

    Help, I have a preamp beheringer BDI21 and squier jazz bass std, my band plays funk and bass should be heard, I also use it on small gigs in the pub, for line out ... excuse my English I speak Spanish
  2. Suncat

    Suncat Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 28, 2004
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Given just those choices I'd go with the Fender Rumble.