Bass Amps and Bass Heads

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  1. allaboutthebass


    Jul 4, 2008
    Hi Everyone I have just joined this forum, I am new to message boards and Bass Guitar. I have only been playing for about six months total. I have what will probably a stupid question to many of you sense everyone in here has probably been playing way longer than me but anyways I really wanted to know what the difference between a bass amplifier and a bass amp head is? As I understand it a bass amp head is some extra eq options, limiter options, compression opions, and some simulization sounds, is that correct? Can someone tell me some more about amps and amp heads? Which ones sound good? I would be greatful for any information on this subject, thank you so much.

  2. Hey AATB!!! Welcome!!! Your little Ibanez practice amp is comprised of a preamp, poweramp, and a speaker cabinet all in one. A bass head, consists of the poweramp (powers the speaker), and preamp (tone-shaping/eq), and you can use it with a different variety of speaker cabinets depending on gig requirements. Check out the search function, I believe there is a sticky in the amp forum. I hope this helps, it's a pretty quick generic explanation.
    Here's a link: