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  1. So yesterday I was in Guitar Center in Des Moines and I noticed they had moved and dramatically reduced their Ampeg line(and other high end stuff). They used to have a full line set up and most of the models of heads and cabs. They had a PF head, a Classic head, and a classic 810. The Classic head was being clearanced out for $1300. What gives? Are all GC's cutting back on their amp inventory or was it just this store? I find it odd that they would clearance out a head that has been the industry for 45 years and their inventory is shrinking. Maybe there just isn't a big enough market for high end gear there since they probably sell combo amps to youngsters all day?? :confused:
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    The DM store even a couple of years ago was a pretty good GC for being a smaller store. I was in there during state wrestling time and I have to say I was nothing but disappointed. The inventory was bare. Nothing exciting there to play. Back in 2010, I bought a brand new MM Stingray Slo special there. When I was there last year, they still had a good selection. Then they remodeled. I don't know what happened but thank goodness for Pro Music.
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    Jul 27, 2012
    The Guitar center by me is the same. Anything Bass is an afterthought. No bass pedals, limited supply of amps, small selection of low to mid level basses only ... really nothing exciting at all. Yet they must have 60 -70 guitars hanging on the wall. Hence the name GUITAR center.
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    The previous GC inventory you described must have been unique to your area. I have been in a lot of their stores and have never seen anything close to a complete inventory in any brand. For Ampeg, its usually an SVT Classic head and cab, a combo or two, sometimes a micro setup but that's about it.

  5. Since you mention it, I noticed that too. No more stingrays in there. All they have are the SUBs. Not even the Sterlings anymore.
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    The GC in Omaha is actually pretty nice. And their inventory is satisfactory. I see you live in Creston so the DM one is closer to you. But, check out Omahas if you can.
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    GC is in pretty deep financial trouble. At my local GC there is a wall of LP's and Strats, a slew of Ibanez'es, and the rest are inexpensive ones (Jay Tursers, etc, I don't know, don't pay too much attention to that wall of faux Marshall cab veneer).

    The bass room is more of a "bass closet". Fenders, Warwick Rock basses, some used Ibanezes, a Marcus Miller thrown in for variety, and then cheaper stuff. Ampeg, Acoustic and some GK staple amps, and a small and constantly changing used section. Occasionally see Trace gear show up but never when I have $$ (prolly a good thing).

    I find gems at indie stores or pawn shops, have never bought a new amp or bass ever, but the bass market in NE FL is pretty dry. Few offer anything really unique or nice for sale, and fewer have the $$ to buy them.

    That being said, I'm looking forward to my next trip to Orlando so I can visit Bass Central - not sure when that will be, but that's about the only place to find anything decent that you can put your hands on and touch & play.

  8. I will if i'm ever in the area. I wasn't even really looking for anything in particular. I just like to browse like a kid in a candy store and that was my observation. Its not much fun to browse when there is nothing to look at. booo! :bawl:
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    That's exactly how I am. I'm always looking for the next bass, bad habit I know, and I'm still searching for another rig. So, I like to browse a lot also. I can spend a lot of time in music stores just looking and checking out things. It saddens me to see what this store has become.
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    Just went to my local one yesterday. It's probably been a year or two since I last went.
    Their was at least 3 warwicks at the time. Now just epi thunderbirds,peavy,a few fender jazz and a squier.
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    On the same note, I went to Pro Music in Des Moines. It's a good sized local music store. It's sad to see the selection for everything was far and superior than what it was in GC. I'm personally not for GC going under or what's been happening to their inventory. It's sad to see. Rather people like GC or not. I can still spend a lot of time in a good one.
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    Aug 22, 2011
    My local GC used to have most Ampeg models. The rot set in about when they started pushing Markbass and Acoustic. Now it's slim pickins . I challenge them to stock a common American Standard Precision in all finishes, rosey and maple!
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    We have 5 GCs in the Twin Cities. Two of them carry really nice basses (Warwick, MusicMan, and higher end Fenders) and top line amps. (Orange AD200, SVT Classic, etc). The others are very similar to what your are describing. My friend manages one of the lesser shops and says their inventory is all based on sales rates. The two top tier stores even have racks of boutique pedals. It all depends on the store.
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    I went shopping at GC last weekend for an amp and their selection was poor. The store here in Nashville is one of their top grossing stores and unless you wanted beginner gear, an Acoustic or an Ampeg, they didn't have much to offer. I bought an amp elsewhere and got a better deal on a far superior product
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    Went to GC over the weekend in Wilmington, DE. I usually do not shop GC but I have picked up a few good deals over the past couple of years so I hit there every so often. Bass amp selection was really slim. Couple of Markbass cabs, an Ampeg 410HLF cab, amps were GK MB 200, and a new? Ampeg SVT7PRO. Question mark after the "new" because the amp looked like it had been thrown to the floor a few times.
    On the same trip I hit my local music store - slim inventory there too. All used amps except for a new Mesa Prodigy and a Powerhouse 210. Very disappointing trip. It's why I buy online I guess.
  16. The only Ampeg selection our local GC has is literally one BA110 and an SVT-7Pro, no cabs (that I've seen). There's also one Markbass amp and combo, and two GK combos. The rest is Acoustic gear. Very little used stuff, too.
  17. The bass area at my local GC is more of a bass corner. Mostly low end stuff that's set up poorly. The amps are just 1 ampeg SVT, a few ampeg combos, and a couple GKs. Only cool thing I've seen there is a Fender musicmaster (which I put on layaway)
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    Jan 30, 2014
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    Went last thursday. Like 10 markbass cabs and combos, lots acoustics stuff, couple of ampeg units, couple of gk's, one each of the TC electronics combos. My daughter's piano lessons are about 1 mi from a GC and end during rush hour so its not uncommon to go there a short bit and look around waiting for traffic to start bleeding off. They were selling guitar stands for 5usd. Next time I think I'll pick up one for the bass.
  19. Outlaw_son


    Mar 8, 2007
    While its a nice store they have had the same few bass guitars and amps there since they opened a couple years ago. Apparently they aren't pushing nearly enough bass equipment and in return arent stocking the floor with new stuff. Worst part is they took out the best mom n pop music store with the largest selection of gear. Goodbye Mesa lineup,goodbye Ampeg line,goodbye Peavy and Fender lineups,goodbye Schecter,goodbye EHX pedals,goodbye every type of bass string,and the list goes on. Blah:scowl::(
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    I think you're seeing some of the financial problems cropping up with inventory. While the Omaha GC is generally fairly well stocked, over the last month or so I've been in a couple times and you can see them bleeding off inventory. Cases, gigbags are on the wall where guitars used to be...the pro audio and recording areas are showing a lot less inventorty, and on and on. I wouldn't be surprised to see some store closings in the near future, really.