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bass and 3 guitars stolen in cincinnati (roselawn)

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by sonic assassin, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. my place was burgled last night.

    thread here if you're interested


    missing is my OLP MM4 5 string stingray. natural finish. black pickgaurd that is a little warped from hiding picks in it. g string tuning peg is slightly longer than the rest from an impromptu repair job. in the condition it left here, it was adorned with a few pieces of blue painter tape. the first 3 frets were marked XXX. there is a tape cut out of a skull by the knobs. the middle knob has a small piece of tape on it marked for the position i like that knob. above all, across the middle of the PG it says "bonekrusher".

    also missing is my squier strat. stock white PG on black body with a hot rail pickup in the bridge. similarly marked with tape. the headstock logo was covered and says epiphone. it also has a long strip across it that says "this guitar sucks".

    they got my sebring 335 knock off. red. f holes covered with tape and then drawn back on. headstock logo is covered by duct tape and now says XXX.

    finally, my 90's epiphone e series evolution. incredibly rare guitar. custom finish. natural finish with the sides painted black. modified star painted on the upper point as well as XXX between the pickups.

    they also walked out with a peavey rage amp, not that i care. my tB external hard drive, my playstation, x box, a nameless speaker cab, and one of my samson rubicon mixing monitors.

    not entirely sure how this works. the police will be investigating. if anyone hears a word about any of these items, please shoot me a PM or send me an email at maertz13@gmail.com

    any and all information is welcome and greatly appreciated.

    they got my first instrument and my first bass. both have tremendous amounts of history. they made me who i am today. short of my sense of security, all i want back is my instruments and the hard drive.

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