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Bass and Gear revelation.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Reverend G-Money, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. Money talks but trades and bartering speak more volumes. It's something every culture was based on, and there are a few left who live by this.

    I feel very lucky right now. i have no spendable cash and only the head i use daily to sell. I am able to get a 400+ through trades and payments however..

    Be kind to all of your musician friends. you never know when someone will be willing to assist you. I've had 2 complete rigs stolen (one was actually borrowed.....ugh.... :( ), but i still have friends willing to work with me. we bassists are a special breed. no band is comlete without us. If we take pride in ourselves and our playing, (yet saving solos for the "right time") even if we suck, it's still better than no bass player.

    not only that, we control reproduction after 10:00pm. no woman goes home thinking "man that guitarist (hot chick imitates 10 min. tapping and 275 bpm arpeggio solos) ruled!!!!!" NOT!!!!

    girls go home bumpin to bass. i care about money, i care about getting noticed, but if 2 people spent $7-$10 each to take a couple hours to HAVE a great time, and maybe go home and smash :D (you give it your all for a great show AND take time out of their personal lives!!! people do watch Elimidate :confused: ) then i did my job. until i'm endorsed and playing 50,000 seat houses every night i'm gonna be stoked by this. people DON'T have to come out. they do for a reason, and i think we need to appreciate this just as much as a packed house. i know it takes selling tickets, cd's, touring to get big, but you know what? i enjoy making people go home with a smile just as much. The closest 2 people can get is by having intercourse, and i was part of this, then i KNOW i touched someone. THAT is what playing and making music is all about. gear and fame is one thing, but helping and satisfying people, now that's a completely different thing. We are in control of many emotions... that's cool!!


  2. Thor

    Thor Moderator Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    I baptize you Pastor Hump - Machine!

    Keep up the good work, hundreds of clueless Elimidaters
    rely on you instead of conversation to fulfill their
    basest needs! :eek: ;)

  3. thanks thor!!! we play bass to feel the groove. no doctor, psychiatrist, sanitation engineer, world leader... etc... cannot feel what we do. Heck i think most nations laid off the US because Clinton could play sax!! ...........*ducking from old lettuce and veggies thrown by hardcore reps and dems*..... words can lead to violence. music can lead to contentment. Can you imagine if we pushed music to Al Qaeda and promoted their abilities over hatred? can you imagine the emotion put into their feelings through music? i personally think it would be some of the best music we have ever heard. sorry to go political, but i know when somehting in the world affects me, i write. using native instruments and centuries-old techniques, we could be missing out on some of the best there is becase they put effort elsewhere.

    can you imagine if wars were settled by music?? nobody would lose. we would all be equals...

    and then there's Nick.... (j/k btw.. :hyper: )