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Bass and vocals on a budget at home

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by poomwah, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. poomwah


    Jan 26, 2008
    Ok, this is a weird one.
    I have no plans of playing on stage. Long story. But I do want to be able to play at home and occasionally a party or two.
    I currently have NO amp. I have an old carvin 210 cabinet that SHOULD have the drivers replaced, BUT, in a pinch I could get away with the ones that are in it.
    at tax time I'm going to have about 500 bucks to work with, I know, not much.
    I was thinking of picking up a combo amp, quite a few nice ones for 500 bucks. Was leaning toward a TC Electronics BG250
    Had thought about using my cabinet with an ampeg pf500 or getting a pf350 and new drivers for my cab, BUT....
    wife and daughter love to sing, and want something to sing through :\
    So, I've got a couple ideas I want to run past you guys and see what you think.
    We already have a couple mic's and cables.
    We would like to be able to get pretty loud from time to time.
    And if I can play mp3's through it and have everything sound good, that would be a DEFINITE plus

    Same question for each of the following:
    Would this option work well for the bass and vocals? how loud would it be? In other words, give me an example of a dedicated bass rig I could compare the output to.
    How would it sound with bass, vocals, and mp3's? also would it work well with the Zoom B3's drum machine?

    Option 1: Use the cab I have, get a zoom b3, get a small crown power amp(2x350), and a cheap mixer. 500 before the mixer

    Option 2: Similar to above, except EVENTUALLY (probalby not until christmas time or so) get a PA speaker, run the b3 directly to one channel of the power amp, that channel to the carvin cab, vocals and mp3's to mixer into other channel of amp, that channel into the pa speaker (what size???)

    Option 3 again zoom b3, peavey 115d powered speaker, small mixer 500 bucks plus the mixer

    Option 4: suggestions please

    thanks everybody :]

    If I could keep this at 5 or below, you would make my wife VERY happy.
  2. Roland keyboard amps sound great and have 1/4 inch and xlr channels.