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    Nov 12, 2010
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    This week I have been playing bass 21 years. I have owned ~ 25 bass instruments, now have 7 giggable. I have noticed a few solid opinions I have formed, all other things being equal. Anyone else getting set in their ways? Nothing is ever 100%, but like I said, I look at my gear and see some trends.

    Ebony fretboard > maple >>>> rosewood.

    One pickup > multiple pickups.

    Oil or nitro finish > poly finish.

    Groove >>>> flash.

    Fender < non-Fender.

    P-bass > jazz bass.

    American made > Imported.

    Tube > non-tube.

    Tweeter < no tweeter.

    Passive ~ active, depending on mood.

    Analog > digital.

    Fretless > frets, on acoustic instruments.
  2. some of those aren't opinion, they're fact. tubes are better! ok, maybe i'm set in my ways too!!!