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Bass arrives on monday!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by weeding, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. weeding


    May 17, 2005
    w00t! My OLP MM2 is finally turning up on monday after the shipping company got its *ahem* stuff together. As long as a get a decent copy, it should be a very nice bass (for A$400 it is very very nice). Perhaps we should start an OLP owners thread... :ninja:

    The question is, eventually, it'll need an upgrade. What would be the most obvious upgrade? I've got a friend who's father is a luthier, so I could get the upgrade completed by him if nescerry. A newpick up? Perhaps a proper MM humbucker (and yes I know that the OLP doesnt sound all that much like a stingray). Would that be my best option, or is there another path? I'm aiming for a bass thats not to expensive and that can play good blues, rock, perhaps a bit of funky stuff. ANY advice would be major appreciated. My amp is a 15" celestion speakered Ashton BA 150 (150w) with a compressor and 7 band EQ.

    PS. Sorry about spelling, I'm half concused at the moment... :)
  2. I've played an OLP MM2 at a shoppe in Perth once and thought it was great for the price. What does it need?

    First off, a good setup is ALL IMPORTANT!
    I thought the pickup was pretty good, but i thought the pots and jack could have been a lot better. I'd start there. The one I tried was cutting in and out on the jack (and it was new in the shoppe).

    The OLP does sound quite a bit like a ray...it's just a lot tamer (less bite) because, among other things, it lacks the active electronics. I A-B-C'd a 'ray, a SUB 'ray, and an OLP and I actually liked the OLP better than the SUB (I couldn't get past the painted neck).

    IMO, running it through an ASHTON BA150 won't gain you much change with active electronics. Even though the Ashton is a decent amp for its range.