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Bass Balls Mods/Light sensitive expression control

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by harryharold, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. harryharold


    Sep 3, 2009
    Hi talkbass, long time lurker but now the time has come where my question cannot be asked with the search function so i have joined up.

    Bassicly i'm going to mod a bass balls, doing the usual mod of taking the trim pots external but also i want to put a feedback knob on it too (don't want to make an external loop for it as that pretty much doubles the pedal size :spit:). anyway a bit of advice is needed:

    does the bassballs sound particularly good in a feedback loop? if not i'll not bother, also if it only sounds good with something else in there then i'll have to make an eternal box. also is there any significant volume increase when using it in this manner? if there is i'll attempt to put a trim pot in - yeah i know 4 extra pots on that pedal - madness. what sort of resistance values should i look for, i've seen that a feedback should be about 500k, but what about a trim pot?

    second pedal building inquiry - making a clone of a devi ever peep. (there are quite few equivalents of this but i can't think of them)

    the plan is to put all the workings (which is pretty much none) in an angled jack so i can have the LDR sticking out right next to the pedal - saving real estate. What sort of value resitance LDR should i put in there? i guess i should check out the pedal i'm going to be using it with (though it's a weird copilot prototype so that could be hard to discover a manual) or just get loads and experiment, they're well cheap so it doesn't really matter.

    i think thats all for now, i have some outlandish plans involving a qtron, feedback loops, and about 4 footswitches but i'll leave that for another day.



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