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Bass Build

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by fullmoon97, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. fullmoon97


    Nov 28, 2010
    so about a year ago i bought a new bass. i had been itching to get a new one so i started the search. looking the normal places, Rondo, Guitar centers used section, and as a last ditch effort to find the right one i came to Amazon of all places and found a Stingray knockoff for 100 bucks. i figured 100 bucks for a look alike of one of my dream basses? im in! so i am at the point where i am gathering parts to put on the bass and i would like your input.

    but first i would just like you to meet her :)

    here is how she came sitting next to my current bass


    here is her all polished up and the same sticker added for a bit of personalization


    now for starters the pickup is done for and i would like to replace it with this


    ive looked around for other music man replacements and this has been the best sounding from what ive heard especially for the price. i know there is an SMB-4A out there


    but the problem is i dont know the difference. right now i like the way it is wired. it is simple and i can do it myself its also passive. i just dont know which is a better pickup and if i can wire the 4A as easily as i can wire the 4D. i have a few pictures of how the pickup is wired if you guys need them.

    next the bass nut needs to be replaced its already chipped and im pretty sure its made of a really bad plastic. so i thought i would go with this. now keep in mind i know absoloutly nothing about bass nuts and which ones to get. i know my friend has said he would help me install it and i know there are a bunch of instruction videos on youtube. but this is the nut i was going to get


    lastly as far as replacements go the volume pot needs to be replaced. the one that i put in there (because i tried to figure out what was wrong with the pickup) is garbage. so i thought about this one since i know fender is a good brand


    the pot that came with it originally was a 250K and i replaced it with a 500K and had issues. so i thought i would go with what came in it. if there is a better pot out there please let me know and if im wrong and there needs to be a 500k in there also please let me know.

    now as far as strings i will be going with the Cobalt Slinky strings. i have them on my Ibanez and really really like them.

    so the TLDR im building a bass, i would like your guys input on the parts (prices, better ones, better places) keep in mind my budget for this build is around 125ish and all these parts from amazon keep me under that budget so i can get the strings as well.

    so comments, questions stuff like that is welcome :)
  2. fullmoon97


    Nov 28, 2010
    I moved this thread over to Luthiers corner. This thread can be deleted