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  1. The wonderful folks over at the Musical Instrument Makers Forum are taking registration for their latest, on-line, building course taught by Bill Moll. I've seen the results of this course in pics that the students have posted and the work generated has been absolutely top-notch. If any of you are serious about rollin' yer own, I would recommend getting into it. The MIMF uses this as one of it's sole methods of financial support since they don't do any advertising over there. To date there have been dozens of basses built in these courses but you never can tell when the enrollment is full so get in early.

    And check in over there for some in-depth discussion of instrument building, not just basses but guitars, percussion, horns, just about everything!
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    Jun 2, 2001
    Seattle, WA
    Too expensive for me, especially when i know luthiers that would help me for free.
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    Just off topic for a sec... so are you back a bit more regularly now Hambone? Just wondering who the hell shifted a thread when i forum jumped! Have you had fun?

    I guess i should give back my moderator status and let you do your job. lol


  4. No, that was me Merlin - I came, I saw, I moved it.

    I'm not necessarily back in the saddle. We've got some company in from out of town so a lot of the work that I would normally be doing hasn't been getting done. I've still got to move my entire workshop (where I don't even know yet) before we can put the other house up for sale. This weekend is a 4 dayer for me but I had some small surgery today and with the other distractions, it doesn't look like I'm going to get too much done.

    You just hang in there...and I'll lay a bit more low to stay out of your hair.
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    Nah you don't need to lay low. It helps because we are in different time zones, so if a thread comes on that should be moved it can be up to 12 hours before i see it.

    Was starting to think i wasn't doing a good job, i'd log on to find two threads had been moved and no message saying who it was, and i thought Paul was having to move them cause i missed them or something. hehee I can relax now. lol