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Bass buying splurge

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jumbosilverette, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. Over the course of a few weeks I went a little nuts, but I think this has cured my gas symptoms for some time. The Squier came from MF on sale (used) and the American Precision GC (new), the Nemesis 212 was used as well. I'm really loving this 2008/2009 Precision; it's a tight instrument, easy to play, sounds good. The Squier is out being set-up, so I haven't had any real time with it.
    P1030191. IMG_0839. IMG_0849.
  2. I used to own a Squier same model, loved the tone but wasn't crazy about the small frets. Since I bought my Warwick about a year ago, my bass gas is gone.
  3. errrr, this might do better in the "Basses" forum.
  4. tifftunes

    tifftunes Guest

    Ironically, I'm gassin for the same models! Can'r decide between maple or rosewood board for the P, ansd the J has to be fretless... Just bought the TC RH450 though... So my amp G.A.S. is quite satisfied!
  5. Oops. My bad. I wonder if I can move it. Moderator -- are you out there?
  6. Nice P! How does that amp sound?
  7. NOW it qualifies for the "AMP" side.
  8. southshoreconor


    Oct 30, 2007
    The Road
    Endorsing Artist: Fender Musical Instruments, SIT strings
    i have a tiny deal in the works that if it doesn't pan out, i might pick up one of those VM jazz basses. a band we toured with last year, their bass player had one and let me use it one night, it was different but i almost liked it as much as my 06 MIA jazz.
  9. Ah! The combo Amp. Well, I have the 210 but it's a little too focused, doesn't have the oomph that comes from a pair of 12's. But it's a similar sound, pretty uncolored (to my ears). I love the height of the 12's as it brings the sound closer to my ears. It's also a 320w as opposed to the 210's 200 watts. For the $360 I paid I couldn't be happier. It even has casters. Score.
  10. ^^ nice! can't go wrong for that $$

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