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Bass cab in Mazda 3?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Down_Low, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. My wife is wanting my Mazda CX5 (growing family, but it has been a great car for all my bass gear/gigs). So I’m in the market for something new. We don’t need 2 SUV’s, so I was considering a Mazda 3 hatch.

    Does anyone own a Mazda 3 and is able to fit a 410 cab in the boot (trunk) without needing to fold down the back seats?

    I really want something smaller than my CX5 but that will still be ok for Driving to gigs with a 410, Super Bassman and bass in a hard case.
  2. two fingers

    two fingers Opinionated blowhard. But not mad about it. Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    Several of my musician buddies own a Mazda 3. They are great little cars for hauling gear.

    However, they all have to flip the seats down. I'm curious as to why that's a problem.
  3. Removing baby/toddler seats from the back is a pain in the arse.
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  4. two fingers

    two fingers Opinionated blowhard. But not mad about it. Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    I feel you there. My girls are 7 and 9. 7 year old is still in a booster. But the memories of baby/toddler seats are fresh. They can be a pain.

    That being said, I would be surprised if the cargo area would hold a 4-10. You might need to take your rig to the dealership with you.
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  5. JACink


    Mar 9, 2011
    I have a couple of friends that have Mazda 3's and I have tried loading subs in the back (which are approximately 410 size) but it is a no go without dropping the back seats. You may get lucky, but as 2fer says, you would need to try it.
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  6. And in today's episode of How To Traumatise A Car Salesperson....
  7. ahc


    Jul 31, 2009
    No. Virginia
    Don't want to haul you rig to the dealer? Take a tape measure. And be sure to measure your cab first :D and take into account the car body contours. Whenever I've gone car shopping, measuring the cargo area is the first thing I do. No fit? Not interested in the car. Pissed off a few salesmen when I didn't want to "upgrade" to a USS Nimitz sized SUV.
  8. rohi

    rohi Lead Lined Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2018
    The ford transit connect is basically perfect for musicians and tradespeople. I’m both, so it’s awesome. Probably cheaper than a Mazda too.
  9. Artman

    Artman Supporting Member

    Base Price on Transit Connect $24,100USD. Base Price on Mazda 3 Hatchback $19,345USD.
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  10. bhoff5150

    bhoff5150 Supporting Member

    I have a 2010 Mazda 3 hatchback. I typically take my truck to gigs, but on the occasion where I have taken the 3, I always folded the seat down.

    My son actually turns 21 in a few hours, but when he was little I gigged with a dodge Intrepid and had to take out car seats every single time. I feel ya. But the 3 has been a great car.
  11. Artman

    Artman Supporting Member

    I don't think my old 1990 Carvin 410 would have fit into my Mazda 2, but I have carried a lot of stuff in that little car. It does almost always involve flattening out the back seat if anything is large. I used to drive a 2001 Toyota Celica hatchback that with the back seat folded down would carry that big, old Carvin 410, a 6-space skb rack, 2 basses in hardcases, and a small gym bag full of cables, straps, mics etc.
    I think ahc is right. Measure your gear, then carefully measure the car. Sometimes the opening in the car will be significantly smaller than the space inside.
  12. gln1955

    gln1955 Supporting Member

    Aug 25, 2014
    Ohio, USA
    I own both a CX-5 and an older Mazda 3 that my son drives. Both great vehicles. There is no way you're getting a 4x10 into the 3 without dropping the seats.
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  13. Abrahampost


    Feb 22, 2013
    I drive an Impreza 5 door(similar size) and it made me go to a pair of 15s and ditch my larger cabs once the car seat was installed. With the 60/40 split I could fit the larger cabs and the car seat... a second car seat would scratch that plan.
  14. CyberSnyder

    CyberSnyder Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 19, 2003
    I Endorse Alien Audio Basses
    I have a Honda Fit and it can “fit” a ton of gear. I believe people have hauled an 8x10 in it.
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  15. I once got an upright in my wife's mazda 2, and we both rode in it. Maybe not relevant, but i'm still proud of it.
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  16. Hevy T

    Hevy T Supporting Member

    Jan 11, 2011
    Lethbridge, AB Canada
    Maybe consider picking up an old minivan like @BassCliff has. Just as a gear mover! Like an older caravan in good shape would not be any more than $1000 US. Then you don't wreck your new car with loading and unloading gear. One more benefit would be who the hell would think about stealing a crappy old minivan!!!
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  17. silky smoove

    silky smoove Supporting Member

    May 19, 2004
    Seattle, WA
    I fully disagree, depending on the 410. I’ve owned my 2008 Mazda 3 hatchback since it was brand new in September of 2007. I’ve hauled several different 410s, a couple of 212s, a 15/6, and now a pair of 112s, not to mention a 24” bass drum (I also gig on drums from time to time), which has a surface area comparable to many bass cabs, all without needing to drop the backseat. Now if we’re talking about a really large 410 like an Ampeg HLF, than I’d be inclined to agree.
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  18. phillipkregg

    phillipkregg Supporting Member

    Jun 8, 2010
    Nashville, TN
    I second the Honda Fit.

    The car is about the same size as the Mazda that you’re considering, but the rear hatch back storage space is almost as big as the Honda CRV that I used to own.
  19. BigBear77

    BigBear77 Supporting Member

    Aug 30, 2017
    Look at a Honda Fit
  20. how many of these other options being suggested are available in Brisbane, Australia?
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