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Bass Cab(s) w/ Yorkville XS800H ?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Wellstrung, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Wellstrung


    Apr 10, 2006
    First, a big THANK YOU to you all on this forum for all the info I've gleaned and gathered over the last couple of weeks. Amazing place here! I have a question that I'm really hoping to get some feedback on. Here's my situation:

    I'm gonna take up bass after 28 years of playing guitar. Will spend time practicing and jamming first. Plan to hook up with others to play small clubs and outdoor stuff this summer. Plan to really get into it. More details of situation and styles are below. For right now, tho, here's what I'm getting:
    -G&L Tribute L2000
    -Yorkville XS800H

    And here's my question: What speaker/cab arrangement? I am considering
    -start with an Avatar 210 cab, add a 15 OR 212 cab OR another 210 cab later (as in some weeks).
    -start with an Avatar 212 cab, add either a 15 OR a 210 later.

    I'm considering these possibilities mostly.

    However, also considering this:
    -Get the Traynor YBX-1510 cab (2x10 and a 15). (About 80 lbs.)

    The reason I'm even considering this is I can get the XS800H with the Traynor cab now from a shop, both in stock, no shipping, for a killer price (I do believe!). Thinking, tho, it's more cab than I need, and separate cabs give more versitility. I've been really thinking the 212, but talked with someone today who says, no, 210s are better, and add a 15.

    Please, your thoughts.

    Here's some background. Like a switch went off about two months ago, I went, "I have to play more music!!" Been playing guitar/singing last 28 years, electric eclectic "classic rock" (I hate that term) and originals in the 80s early 90s, mostly acoustic solo over last 15 (after succumbing to external and internal pressures to "get a real job"...).

    NOW, suddenly, I HAVE TO PLAY MORE ELECTRIC MUSIC! Bought a new American Deluxe Strat aged cherry (to add to my tragically underplayed 70 Les Paul and 83 strat), Hot Rod Deluxe amp (entry into the tube world for me... very like it), new Weber Blue Dog speaker for the amp, new tubes (including a couple of NOS tesla and tunsgram. I had NO idea...). Five Keeley modded pedals, a sniper modded GE-7, an RMC2 Teese wah, pedaltrain 2. Connecting with some old buddies, networking with others, starting to talk about gigs. Setting up a studio in my home (part of the new bass thing). Feeling like a "real" musician again.

    I got the bug really really really really bad. It feels really really really really good.

    Thanks, and Peace,

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