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  1. please move if this isn't in the right forum, i didn't see much else for discussing speakers.

    right now my bass setup (for practice and shows) consists of this:
    bass: ibanez SR405 w/ bartolini pickups and preamp
    amp: Eden WT400
    cab: peavey 8X10"
    fx: wah, limiter/enhancer, digital delay
    i'm thinkin about different cabs for right now to increase my sound and tone overall. i was thinking about a 4X10" and a carvin 2 x 15" 3-way 800W Loudspeaker (from their site). i'm not sure where to get a good 4X10" and if this sound will help me get the sound i want.
    i play finger, slap and with pick on a very melodic / hardcore tool-inspired (not just "we're metal we'll say we're into tool" but progressive-hardcore) hardcore.
    while the 8X10 is doing ok for now i'm not sure if it will sate my needs for low-end with a strong mid-range and clear highs.
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    mrWrOng, I am going to move this over to Amps, which includes discussions about cabinets as well.
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    Jul 11, 2001
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    I am sooo hyped up about these after checkin out the site! :p :D

    (rather move something small and heavy then something large cumbersome and heavy ;) )
  4. damn! i wish these cabs weren't so expensive. even the carvin's like $600 for the 2 3-way 15's.
    hopefully i can save up a couple paychecks and sell the other stuff.
  5. would anyone recommend an Acme 4X10 or an Eden 4X10 since they run so close price-wise? i've already got an Eden WT400 head.
  6. phil_chew


    Mar 22, 2000
    I think you should check the power specifications of these cabs. Your Eden head is only 400W at 4 ohms. I think that is enough power for only one Eden 4x10 at 4 ohm (according to the Eden manual). Or maybe one 250W 1x15 cab plus a 300W 2x10 (both at 8 ohms). If you overwork your amp, bad things can happen. A 400W amp being used to power a cabinet system requiring, say, a total of 800W may be asking too much of the amp.

    Just my two cents.
  7. are you sure about that? what about a 4X10 & 2X12 or something @ 4ohms? when i bought the amp i thought it would be a lot more powerful than just a single 4X10. i need a lot more stage presence than that.
  8. MikeyD


    Sep 9, 2000
    I don't think a speaker system "requires" a particular wattage. A system requires a certain wattage to achieve a certain sound pressure level in a certain setting. An 800-watt speaker system would be perfectly happy to receive 1 watt from an amp; the question is whether the owner/user would be happy with the loudness resulting from it. Now, if this system were fed with a 600-watt amp, and it weren't enough - and that amp were overdriven into heavy clipping (thereby pushing more than 800 watts) - then this could be a problem, not necessarily with the speaker, but not having enough power.

    In another example, if you had a particular 4x10 and found that a 400-watt amp gave you all the volume you needed with that cabinet, then adding another (or even ten more 4x10's) would not be any problem at all if you were still satisfied with the original volume level. A 400-watt amp is quite capable of powering a huge array of speakers if needed.

    - Mike
  9. true... i was thinkin about an acme 4X10 or an Eden 4X10, and then probably a carvin 1X15 3way or 2X15, then if i need to upgrad ethe amp i can do that later on.
    does that sound ok? i emailed eden so i'll hear from them tomorrow probably.
    would anyone recommend acme more or eden more?
  10. beachgeddy


    Jul 11, 2001
    Muskegon, MI
    I would have to say Eden, since you want to use the Eden head. The Acme really needs more than 400 watts because of the inefficiency of the speakers, so you would need a separate power amp for that. They say the Acme 410 will blow away most 4x10, 1x18 rigs, tho. Plus its pretty cool, 'Acme' like on the bugs bunny cartoons, everything was acme! hehe I can see it now - Wile E. Coyote unpacks his acme bass cab . . .
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    Hey MrWrong! Cool that you post on the SA Forums too!
  12. right on! are you sasquatch!? i thought you were a drummer?
    or someone else... the mystery continues!
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