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  1. Did I read somewhere that someone used a rifle case for a bass guitar?

    I need one that is somewhat stronger than a regular thermo-molded case like SKF.

    Any ideas where I can find one that fits a true bass?
  2. never heard of that, and even if it was stronger than your regular case, the fact that the bass won't fit well will negate any gains in strength. You're better off finding a good ATA case if you want stronger than regular case but it will also be heavy to carry around.
  3. Hi.

    Using a rifle case is common with 80's headless "sticks", Steinberger, Yamaha etc.

    Of course You could get a triple/quadruple rifle case from Peli for a regular bass for example.
    Since they are (were?) case suppliers for Iron Maiden, there might be instrument cases nowadays in their inventory as well.

    It'd be indestructible (unlike the POS ABS cases), it'd be fully waterproof and have boyancy of at least 50kg and it'd have a pressure compensating valve so You don't have to worry about opening it after a flight.

    Obviously You don't get quality for cheap ;).

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    More specifically, a shotgun case might work well for a bass. Shotguns are usually longer than rifles, just like basses are usually longer than guitars. As long as the inside is "configurable" by cutting foam, adding blocks, etc. it should work out fine.
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