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Bass Central - Bartolini

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by tufnuts, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Hey ya'll

    Went shopping around for some replacement electronics for my Carvin BB70F (Preamp SUCKS/Broken. P/U's Lacking). So wanted 3 band, 5 knob setup to approximate the carvin setup. Bart HR5.2 fits that bill perfectly. Also wanted some P/U's to go w/ it. So go w/ some barts as well. Total sense made.

    Soooo...called some other places...shipping would take 1-2 weeks. Cause I knew that Gard and the other Thugs were prolly my best choice. Welp, Grasshopper knew that the 9W4's that were suggested were actually no longer in production. Plus knew that the carvin knobs wouldn't work...and would need some new knobs. How cool is that?

    The whole deal came in for about what I thought it would...plus the fact that the people selling it knew what they were doing.

    Best part? 2-3 days shipping....bingo. You got my business Gard...no doubt. Plus ya knew about the bikes and cats....super cool.

    Okay...so now...anyone have 9J1's and/or a HR 5.2 preamp? Just wanna know what to expect, but I'd say it's a sure thing that it'll sound mucho better than the carvin poo.

    BTW, I was also looking into the Steve Bailey fundamental fretless system (I get a smokin deal on Basslines stuff here in town)...but the S-D people couldn't configure the preamp to have 5 knobs...when I know they have a harness that should be able to. Oh well...bye bye on that sale ya'll.
  2. MMM....bumpcake
  3. FalsehoodBass


    Jul 22, 2001
    Denver, CO
    hey i did a similar thing on my carvin LB 75. I had the HB pickup, so i got a MM bartolini pup and the 5.2 setup with the A/P switch. I LOVE the sound in comparison to the old electronics.

    And i duno what gard/grasshopper told you, but the carvin knobs work fine. The little ones (bass, mid,treble) look a little goofy because the nut from the potentiometer post is visible, but the stock knobs work fine.

    EDIT: I left the neck pickup alone, so the carvin J99 is still in there, and it sounds pretty good soloed, or blended with the bart MM pup. My impression is that most of the crap sound comes from the carvin preamp. So if you were to replace only one thing, get the preamp out.
  4. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    I bought some Alembic pickups from BC and Grasshopper coped with me (the customer from hell) really well.
  5. I also had a very positive experience w/ them.

    Gard hooked me up w/ grasshopper, and after a couple of phone conversations, he ordered me a new prewired bart 3band-preamp harness plus some DPDT switches (a HR3.4 w/ A/P wiring), they had to custom order it from Bartolini. I had the order shipped to me w/in 7 days.

    I say this because I had previously ordered another Bart prewired preamp setup (a HR 3.2 ) from another bass specific place. They also had to order it, and it took almost 4weeks to get it in.
    Guess we know who has the pull

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