Bass-clef hats/beanies/polo shirts - Round 2!

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  1. Due to the surprising popularity of the hats I designed in the Bass Clef Hats thread, I decided a while ago that I would do another run of hats, but that I would also offer a few other options.

    Full disclosure: I am doing this for a (small) profit, and according to TB rules I had to pay for a Bazaar license, but this is not a commercial venture - I'm just a bassist with a knack for organization and a love of hats. ;)

    So anyway, it's that time. :bassist:

    I have three different hat styles, a beanie (skullcap, etc), and polo shirt options, all embroidered with my my Air Force-inspired bass clef logo.

    Pictured below:
    Left - beanie/skullcap Right - Army-style cadet RELIC'D

    Left - Army-style cadet RELIC'D Right - Army-style cadet NON-RELIC'D

    I wanted to do a hoodie, but that can wait for a run later in the year.

    Since I've done this once before, I can lay out pretty much all the options and prices from the start, but stay tuned to this thread in the event that anything changes. And as a result of lessons learned, I've got all the logistics figured out on my end.

    There will be a 4-week "window" for ordering, beginning today and ending on the 21st of June. This will give everyone plenty of time to decide on, order, and pay for their apparel.
    The window for ordering will "hard close" at 2pm on the 21st of June. The afternoon of the 21st I will be going to my supplier/embroidery shop and placing the order. From that point it will be a matter of time for the order to be completed - which is wholly dependent on the number of orders. I would estimate a two-week timeframe, from ordering to mailing the completed orders out. All orders will be mailed via USPS, unless the buyer wants to pay for FedEx or UPS. I mailed several hats last round overseas, and they all arrived safe and sound, so overseas ordering is no problem. So you may have a potential wait of a month after the order is placed, depending on manufacturing time and shipping time.

    To be clear on this point - whether you pay today or at 1:45pm on June 21st, your order will not be placed until June 21st. I highly recommend placing your order as early as possible, but only to avoid last-minute issues.

    Refunds can and will be issued if requested prior to ordering - no questions asked - but once the order is placed it's a done deal. I will only issue refunds after that point if there is a problem with your order - wrong hats, hat(s) won't fit, damaged in shipping, etc.

    Now, onto the actual products and prices. (Pics to follow this afternoon, when I get home and get them off my camera)


    Prices include shipping CONUS via USPS Flat Rate box. Overseas add $5 to final order for shipping.

    All hat prices are the same:


    Attempting to show the "relic'ing" of the hat - mostly some rough spots around the brim.
    This is the Army-style "cadet" hat, relic'd - $25 for 1, $20 for each additional hat.


    Army-style "cadet" hat, non-relic'd - $25 for 1, $20 for each additional hat.

    And a side-by side shot or two - relic'd on left, non-relic'd on right:

    From the back:


    Baseball cap - $25 for 1, $20 for each additional hat. This is an old picture, but will do for representation.



    Beanie/skullcap - $18 for 1, $15 for each additional.

    And a shot of my ugly mug wearing it "properly". Obviously, this isn't my style, but for you guys I'll make the sacrifice. ;)



    Short sleeved polo - $35 each.

    And a pic of me wearing it - not the best pic, but my photographer is at work, so :shrug:



    Orders can be combined - for example, 1 relic'd hat, 1 non-relic'd hat, and 1 beanie will cost a total of $60. $25 for the first hat, $20 for the second and $15 for the beanie. Hats will always be the first charge, though - can't order 1 beanie for $18, then 2 hats for $20 each.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The "relic'd" hats have some frayed bits here and there, and are NOT the same as the "non-relic'd" hats. See the pics above for more clarification.



    Chocolate Brown


    Black Herringbone
    Brown Herringbone
    Storm (gray)


    For the baseball caps, the choices are somewhat limited. The second color on some is the thread color. I.E. the "Burnt Orange/Stone" cap is a burnt orange color with light gray stitching. You may see how this could limit the color combinations with the embroidery.

    Burnt Orange/Stone
    Chocolate Brown/Stone
    Light Olive
    Light Olive/Stone
    Maritime Blue


    The hats themselves go from pretty small (size roughly 6-1/2) to quite large (roughly 8-1/2). These are estimates because the hats have velcro closures in back, and have some stretch to them. I have had several folks blessed (like me) with a larger dome piece, and no one has any problems with fitment. I won't guarantee they'll fit, but I'd be VERY surprised if your head is THAT big.

    For the large-headed folks, I would recommend putting a few stitches through the velcro once you've got the size right, as it's just regular old Velcro, and not the industrial strength kind.


    The skullcap/beanie comes in a few colors. The logo is embroidered near the bottom outside edge - this is not designed to have the bottom flipped up in the "classic" style, but worn in a more modern fashion. You'll see when I upload the pics.

    Athletic Oxford (gray)
    Columbia Blue (light blue)
    Light Pink


    The short-sleeved polo shirt comes in quite a few colors, and the logo is stitched into the left breast, where you would find any other logo. I actually really like this polo shirt, and may order a couple just for me.

    EDIT: More info on the polo shirts, quoted from manufacturer's website.

    These shirts are NOT cheap, poorly-stitched knockoffs. They would be perfectly suited to the golf course or warm outside gig.
    Shirts are available in sizes XS-6XL. 3XL and up, add $5.

    Classic Navy (DARK blue, almost black)
    Court Green
    Dandelion (yellow)
    Dark Green
    Jet Black
    Light Blue
    Papaya (Orange)
    Riviera Blue (med blue)
    Royal (med-dark blue)


    The thread choices are really up to you - they have LOTS of different colors to choose from, you can pick virtually any color, and they probably have it. This means blue, or red, pink, yellow, etc.

    That being said, please stick to descriptors like "light" and "dark", and don't complicate it up with some weird Crayola color - "periwinkle-ish blue" isn't a color. ;)

    There are literally THOUSANDS of possible combinations, so there is a good chance you will be the only person anywhere with a particular color combination. Have fun with it! There were a few unique combinations last time that surprised me with how good they looked - brown hat with pink thread actually looked pretty good. :bassist:

    I have had a few requests for specific thread colors - i.e. "Markbass yellow" or "Lake Placid Blue". I can't make promises there, but I will do my best to get as close as possible.

    For more examples of potential combinations, please visit the original, First-run group buy thread.


    Determine how many items you want, and what colors you want, following the instructions in the thread. Once you have determined what items you want, then decide what color thread you would like to use for the design embroidery.

    **Important note: Only one color thread per hat. Multi-color embroidery drives prices up, so I decided that one color would be enough.

    Now, you've decided what items you want, and the color of threads for the embroidery for each item.

    Using the prices above, figure your order total - shipping is included in my prices.

    Log into PayPal and send that amount (i.e. $20, $40, $60US) to [email protected]. In accordance with PayPal and TalkBass rules, this payment is for GOODS, not gift or service.

    In the "Email to recipient" SUBJECT line, please put your TB username.

    In the MESSAGE TO RECIPIENT block, please specify your order preferences - examples below. Separate your items with a comma, colon, or semi-colon.

    Hat color/thread color; Hat color/Thread color; Shirt color/thread color; Beanie color/thread color

    **IMPORTANT NOTE: If you DO NOT SPECIFY what color scheme you want, I will assume you want black with white embroidery.

    Please ensure that your PayPal address is the address where you want the item(s) to be shipped. If it is not, please send me a PM via TB with the correct address.

    Feel free to post questions, comments, or suggestions here in this thread. Also, if participants in the previous group buy would care to comment, good, bad, or ugly, I would appreciate it.

  2. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    Sub'd! Been waiting for this to come back around. I missed out last time. Lemme decide exactly what I want, but I'll take at least a Cadet hat or two and maybe a shirt.dcr
  3. NateS


    Sep 22, 2009
    Richmond, VA, USA
    sub'd, want to see the beanies
  4. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    Do you have details on the polo shirt? What kind of material is it? Pique?

  5. I'll have pics up by 4 or 5pm my time today, I'm just going to edit the OP.

    @Mike - good to see you, bud! Round 3 will be what we talked about a while back, fyi. Gonna work up a new design for that cause, incorporate some other elements into the basic design.

    I'll get the info about the shirt and post it as well, soon as I get the pics up.
  6. Pics are up, along with some additional information on the polo shirts. I've got to do some cleaning around the house, but I'll check up on this thread before bed.
  7. mkandolf


    Nov 21, 2007
    Saint Clair, MI
    Any chance of tall sizes for the shirts?
  8. Sorry, all they offer (and by default, I offer) are regular sizes. I actually changed my mind a few times on the shirt, and ended up picking the best combination of price/value/available sizes.
  9. mkandolf


    Nov 21, 2007
    Saint Clair, MI
    That's OK, sometimes I get by with ordering the next bigger size.
  10. ^That's what I'd do.

    So far the interest isn't really taking off, so I'll keep popping in and bumping from time to time.
  11. *Yawn*

    Do I hear crickets chirping in here?
  12. MarTONEbass

    MarTONEbass Supporting Member

    Jun 19, 2009
    Norton, MA
    I am definitely in for at least 2 hats. Just gotta get the scratch together.
  13. Bting


    Dec 2, 2008
    Oh, I'm game, i just need to figure out what i'm ordering.
  14. Back from a weekend in DC, ready to get the ball rolling! Pass the word along, and if you bought a hat from Round 1 be sure to post a pic/comment!
  15. bottomzone

    bottomzone Supporting Member

    Oct 21, 2005
    Very nice!!! Do you have any berets?

    A Groove is a Terrible Thing to Waste! :cool:
  16. Nope, no berets - just three different hat styles, a beanie/skullcap (whatever you wanna call it) and polo shirts.

    Considering the success and happiness of the people involved the last time around, I would have expected a better turnout for this round. :sigh:
  17. dave64o

    dave64o Talkbass Top 10 all time lowest talent/gear ratio! Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2000
    Southern NJ
    Just placed my order!
  18. mkandolf


    Nov 21, 2007
    Saint Clair, MI
    Quick question on the shirt since you modeled it in the photos...

    What other brand shirts do you wear and how does it compare size-wise to them? In other words, I know certain brands of shirts I buy in different sizes due to different manufacurers. It will help me nail down the size.
  19. The shirt in the picture is a Large, by Port Authority, a rather well-known manufacturer. I believe you can find stuff by them in most of the major department stores. FWIW, I wear a 44 Long jacket, and I have a 17.5" neck. The large fits me well, though I will say that after wearing it in the sunny DC area this past weekend, black soaks up quite a bit of heat.

    @Dave64o - got your payment, your order is the first of many, I hope. :bassist:

    Regardless of whether I have 1 order or 100, they will be placed on the 21st, so there's still PLENTY of time.
  20. dave64o

    dave64o Talkbass Top 10 all time lowest talent/gear ratio! Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2000
    Southern NJ
    Wow, that L doesn't look big on you at all. I'm a similar size (46 with a 17.5" neck) but I ordered an XL. Eh, even if it's a little too big my gut will appreciate the extra room to spread out and get comfy. I'll stick with the XL. :p

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