Bass Clef vs Treble clef. Whats the difference?

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  1. So heres my story. I play bass (without knowing theroy) and i am taking a guitar class in my school. (it gets you really good foundation). I've been playing bass for like 2 years and can only cover songs i've herd and if i can find okay tabs to them i can usually make my own correction.
    ~now onto the main point. The guitar class is teaching me treble clef, and (because my friends who have taken the class have told me) it can really teach it and have a good foundation. Now my question is. Is the bass clef different than the treble clef? like i understand that the signs are different and what not, and that the bass clef is "lower" sounding, but is the notes the same on the bass clef as it is the treble clef?

    EX. on the treble clef, the second space(from the bottom) is an A. just second string for the guitar. Now if you were to make that on the bass clef, the second space (from the bottom) is also an A? I have no idea so i'm asking you guys because if it is this way, then learning theory will be a lot easier for me!!


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    the bass clef is below middle C, the treble clef is above middle C

    so from the bottom to the top (line, space, line space)
    _____B (TREBLE CLEF)
    _____middle C (line) (leger line between the treble and bass clefs)
    _____D (BASS CLEF)

    (the spaces between the lines... you guessed it... the letter that is missing, between G & B, A)

    hope this helps
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    There is no "bass cleft" or "treble cleft"...stop saying it that way if you do and stop writing it that way! It's bass clef or treble it?
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    bass clef is (from bottom to top) GBDFA for the lines
    the spaces are ACEG

    treble is (from bottom to top) EGBDF for the lines
    the spaces are FACE
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    Lets throw in Tenor clef to mix things up

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    Hooray for moveable C clefs!
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    Moveable C clefs rule!!!!
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    Get your viola nonesense out of here... heathen!
  9. Take your time and practice reading every day.
    It's not that hard.

    Don't neglect your English class either :)
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    (E)very (G)ood (B)oy (D)oes (F)ine

    (G)ood (B)oys (D)o (F)ine (A)lways

    I think that's what they taught us many many years ago.

    You know back when schools had their s... together and still offered music programs, recess, sports programs, and I almost forgot "REAL" homecooked meals in the cafeteria :)
  11. Sorry, about my spelling. I though it was pronounced like clef but spelled "cleft"... Jesus some people... Well this makes my life a lot harder haha. I'm learning the treble right now, and learning the two at the same time doesn't sound like fun.

    Thanks guys!!

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    Answer: A palette vs a chin?

    just kidding! ;)
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    if you want to learn bass clef really well you can get either "standing in the shadows of motown" or a bass clef copy of the real book and just read out of it every day.

    or grab some piano music (has both) and just point at the notes and name them with no bass in your hands
  14. Meaning there is a book of bass clef transcriptions of motown bass lines?

    Looked at and couldn't find.

    I'm pretty much tied to charts so this would be useful.

    Yah, I know "Get an ear."

    Thanks for your reply.

  15. So what book would be best to learn from?

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    No, he was talking about the bass clef version of The Real Book. The Real Book is the holy word for anyone who wants to play jazz/blue/funk/whatever the hell else. It's a great resource. Any band should have at least a few around at all times.
  17. Wasted Bassist

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    Get a copy of the Real Book. Keep it with you at all times. I've found it to my greatest resource when I'm jamming and I don't know a song. Knowing how to walk over a melody with only the chord symbols provided will help a lot in the long run, regardless of your genre. I play metal but my teaching was all Classical on an Upright and jazz on the bass guitar. Jazz = Metal, only harder >_<
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    Right. The thread title makes my eyes hurt. :crying:

    OP -- Exit the thread, double click next to the thread hyperlink, and edit. I tried it yesterday on a thread of mine, it works. :)
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