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Bass culture ATK replacement

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by SwamiRob, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. I was just wondering for those of you that have swapped your pickup for a bassculture, what it sounds like in relation to the stock ATK pickup.

    I don't tend to use the more Stingray like humbucker setting on my ATK, and don't really like the whole clickyness that my ATK has at the moment cos I'm mostly a pick player, so I use the single coil option with the high cut to get rid of as much as possible. Only problem is when I cut some of the high mid and treble it sounds very muddy.

    I need to mess about with the output level control on the pre-amp cos I haven't touched it in years and completely forgot about it, so I'm not too sure how much the muddiness is coming from my amps pre distorting a bit so I wanna do that before replacing anything. Just wanted to know how the bassculture pickup sounds compared to stock though cos it's got some very good reviews, alot saying it gets rid of the clickyness.

    Can anyone who has or has had a bassculture replacement tell me how the serial/parallel/single coil settings sound compared to each other by the way? Is the single coil setting both coils but not humbucking or is only one of the two?
  2. Bump! :p
  3. Maurice Carr

    Maurice Carr

    Aug 7, 2004
    Mt Wellington, Auckland, NZ
    Authorised BFM and fEARful cab builder: New Zealand
    Well, I changed my std ATK pups for BassCulture.de pups.

    Putting "tone sounds" into words is something I always struggle with so the first thought that comes to mind is that they are more mature than the std issue pups.

    Yes, I must say they are an improvement.

    To say they take it closer to an MM SR is a moot point though. They do provide more depth and take that nasal tone out.

    Richness is another quality that springs to mind too. They have a more richer tone than the std pups as well as the MM SR pups.

    Look, if you have the money to spend, they are a worthwhile investment and and improvement. And while you're at it, consider their ( bassculture ) on board EQ as well - not essential, but nice to have.

    Finally, I found bassculture.de great to deal with and very supportive when it came to technical quizz time.

    So....who's gonna win the third and final test?

  4. Yeah I'm no good with the whole sound description thing, but all that sounds good to me. The nasalness is something I quite liked about it for a while, but after getting my Fender bullet fixed up it's absolutely killing it depth wise and it has proper old school style pickups in so really shouldn't be the case. Also the "modern" like quality to them I'm not fond of either so that's also another quality I'd like it to have to be honest (if by mature you meant they had a slightly mellower more vintage like sound, I like to sound aggressive but I like that to be more due to my playing then my bass).

    Really love the sound of my ATK unplugged and don't think the pickup does the resonance of the bass any justice, also love the look and feel of it so don't want such a nice bass been ruined by a crappy pickup.

    By the way, did you get a neo or alnico replacement? And what difference do you reckon the replacement preamp makes?

  5. Maurice Carr

    Maurice Carr

    Aug 7, 2004
    Mt Wellington, Auckland, NZ
    Authorised BFM and fEARful cab builder: New Zealand
    Funnily enough I did a gig tonight and used the ATK/Bassculture for a few songs and it really did sound nice, rich, and full of bark.

    I'm not sure about the neo or alnico - I bought it about a year ago.

    I haven't installed the preamp yet - but I expect it to live up to what bassculture.de claim.
  6. If you could give us a shout when you put it in it's be much appreciated man, well psyched about getting one after everything I've heard about it. Pity I literally have 4p to my name at the moment...
  7. Right I now have some money to get one of these things, can anyone tell me what the difference between the Neo and Alnico replacements are? Looking forward to giving my ATK a new lease of life cos I really love the thing other then the pickup.

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