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Discussion in 'Ask Michael Dimin' started by endogen99, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. endogen99


    Oct 24, 2002

    Actually I'm doing some homerecording with my band. The drum-track is finished and now we gonna start with the bass-lines.

    We have two ampeg-amps for choice:

    Ampeq SVT-4 Pro
    Ampeq SVT-3 Pro

    (We also have a good ampeq-speaker)

    We've heard that 70% of the bass sound should be taken from a DI-Box.

    My question: Do we need an DI-Box, although we have these amps? Is it better to use a seperate DI-Box?

    Pleas help us - we start recording today ;-)



    P.S.: Which one of the two amps would you prefer?
    P.P.S.: How can I avoid the disturbing "noise" or "squeak"???
  2. Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin Banned

    Dec 11, 1999
    I know that you feel that this is an important issue. Yet at least 2 other TB's have contacted me about the fact that this post has been posted in many different threads as well. This is not really too cool. It takes up bandwidth, not to mention the time of many who donate their time to help. Now that you have been properly dicsiplined.

    You do not "have" to do anything. You can record in many different ways. I find that the best sound comes from a really good quality tube preamp/DI. I usually record direct via such a quality tube preamp/DI


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