Bass Documentary: Where Did it Go?

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  1. So I remember not too long ago I saw this documentary about the role of bass in music and how it developed from classical to today. There was talk about the tuba in waltzes and marches, the double bass in jazz, the electric bass in Motown music, and the synth in modern stuff.

    I've been searching for it recently and it just seems to have disappeared. I can only find stuff about Jack Bruce or "drum and bass". I think the host was a middle aged or later white man with a British accent, if I'm not mistaken.

    Anyone know what I'm talking about? Where can I find it?
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    The How Music Works series? . I understand at least on one part a song is removed due to rights issues
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    Awesome, thanks! :)
  4. Yes! Thank you so much. I was especially looking for that beautiful old walking bass line from 43:50 on.
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    So good. I just watched it. It's tidbits like this that keep me coming back to Talkbass.