Bass Electronics Summary anyone???

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  1. HEY GUYS!!!
    Well, here's the thing. I looked and searched :ninja: many threads in this forum and have learned quite a bit and aquired a lotta knowledge and a lil know-how along the way. BUT! I'm still lacking some very basic and common knowledge on bass guitar electronics. :help: Could someone give me a summary/run down on bass electronics, I need to know the basics about the following; pots, pickups, soldering, switchs, wiring and connections, pre-amps, and wat the hell are pups (are they pre-amp or pickups)???


    (Mod, feel free to move or delete this if its been covered, if you would just send me a PM a day or to before you do that would be nice)

    P.S. - If a thread such as this has already been made plz redirect me although i would appreciate you enduring another similar thread just so I can undrstand everything at MY pace.
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