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Bass for a teenager

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Kriptic, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. Kriptic


    Nov 11, 2003
    Hello everyone.

    I hope this hasn't been covered anywhere. I searched around but couldn't find anything specific to my question.

    My 13 year old daughter has just informed me that she wants to play bass guitar, so I've been looking around. However, I have no idea what to look for. So I found you guys and were hoping you could help me.

    What would be a good starter bass for a 13 year old girl. I'm not looking to spend a lot, since she is only 13. If she enjoys it and seems to want to stick with it, then later I will purchase her a better one. But for now I just want a starter, to test her committment :D

    Thanks for any help and again, I apoligize if this has been covered elsewhere.
  2. The stuff most people suggest is either an Essex, Squier, Ibanez or some sort of starter pack (usually Squier if I remember correctly).

    The essex basses are good basses, specially as a starter one. I own a 5 string one. Those basses can be located at www.rondomusic.bigstep.com

    The Squier and Ibanez basses can be found on www.musiciansfriend.com If you go with an Ibanez I am going to go ahead and suggest the GSR-200, was my first bass and great for starting. I don't have much knowledge on starter packs at all, maybe look around www.musiciansfriend.com but if Treena sees this thread I'm sure she can give you a lot of info, she is very informative about this kind of stuff ;).

    Good luck and I hope your daughter really gets into it!

    Yours Truly,
    Tyler Hole
  3. Funkize you

    Funkize you Guest

    Nov 4, 2003
    Westminster Ca.
    I would go For an Essex Four string. They are SUPER CHEAP and have GREAT Quality, Quality FAR beyond the price... and prolly pick up a little Fender amp, Used or new.

    But is she little? Short, Small hands, Supermodel weight? If so you might want to get a (I think it is called) Half-size bass, I may be wrong with the name... Short-scale.

    Well, I think if you wanted to get a bass from a store than she should go try it out, because basses can be VERY different, the 'demo' model dosent always sound like 'the one in the back' you know? BIG difference some times.
  4. steve-o

    steve-o Guest

    Apr 17, 2002
    daisy rock guitars is what you're lookign for

  5. Bass


    Nov 10, 2003
    I'm going to suggest a Squier Jazz Bass.

    My first (and only) bass is a Fender Precision Bass (made in mexico). The Squier J-bass is very similar to my fender P-bass except it's less money (made in Japan I think).

    Also, the J-Bass is supposed to be easier to play because the width of the neck is a little smaller. This is a very common, typical instrument (4 strings, regular size, etc.) and is suitable for a beginner.

    I'm pleased to hear your daughter is taking up the bass. In hindsight, I wish I'd started much earlier. I hope she enjoys her new instrument regardless of the brand you choose.
  6. All of what was suggested are great starter basses, squier, essex, ibanez, and yamaha, find one in your price range, any model will do well for beginning. I started with a used peavey foundation, and I still use it for gigs. I got it for 300 used (canadian funds), and it still sounds great. Pickups are a little hot, but its nothing to worry about for a starter bass.
  7. The Jazz bass does have a slimmer neck and some people find it easier to play. You can also find smaller basses around. They're ususally refered to a "short-scale" or "student" instruments.

    If you're looking to save on cost because you don't know if she'll stick with it, I would deffinatly suggest an Essex from Rondo Music (they start about 99 bucks) or a Squier (made by Fender, they start a little higher in the price range, about $150 I think).

    Just my opinion though.
  8. Stephen Soto

    Stephen Soto

    Oct 12, 2003
    I really suggest the stuff on Rondo's music. Any of the Essex or Brice basses would be fine. Also another good one is an Ibanez GSR200. It last me fine for a while, and now is with Tyler Hole, and it is built really really well. There is also a Squire bass, that is made/owned by Fender.
    Rondo's music:
    Rondo's music basses

    Ibanez GSR200 with a gig bag:

    Two Ibanez 10 and 20 watt combo amps:
    Ibanez 10 watt
    Ibanez 20 watt


    Also make sure to search the classifieds
    on Talkbass, theres also Ebay!!

  9. My suggestion would be any one of these starter packs. The nice thing about them, is you get an amp, bass and some accesories that a beginner will need.

    Then I would suggest a great teacher for lessons!


    Ibanez IJSB190 Jumpstart Electric Bass Package

    You've got everything you need: axe, amp, cord, instruction book video, and more. Don't confuse Jumpstart packages with other value packs that contain bottom shelf generic grade equipment. Jumpstart has name brand, good stuff that you can still use when you get good yourself.

    Squier Bass Pak

    Convenience and value is the name of the game with these all inclusive packages. A Squier Affinity P-Bass is paired with an amp and packaged with all the accessories you'll need to plug in and play! This package was designed by professionals who know that beginners need to have affordable quality in both the amp and the bass.

    Silvertone LB11 Bass and Amplifier Package

    The Silvertone Bass Package comes with everything you need. Featuring the Silvertone SSLB-11 "Precision" style 4-string bass (34" long scale, 20 fret Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard, 1 split "P" style pickup, 1 volume and 1 tone control, chrome die-cast enclosed tuning machines, fully adjustable chrome bridge), the Silvertone Bass package also includes the BA-10 bass amp (10 watts RMS, 7" bass driver, 3-band EQ, headphone jack), GT-8 tuner, gig bag, strap, cable, pickpack, and instructional video.

    Anything I can do, to help you get your daughter started, please feel free to email me!

  10. BigBullyBassist


    Oct 27, 2003
    Daisy Rock is definately what you are looking for. They make guitars, and I think basses especially for girls. You can get them in all kinds of shapes such as hearts and flowers. I think also for a 13 year old you might be looking for a short scale bass. It is basically a smaller bass, which would be alot better to handle. Squiers are good also, but a bit pricy, though they would last a longer time
  11. Kriptic


    Nov 11, 2003

    Thanks a ton guys. Now I feel like I can go into this knowing something.

    I really really appreciate the info. I will make sure my daughter stops by after she recieves her bass.

    Thanks again. You guys are awesome!
  12. Justin V

    Justin V

    Dec 27, 2000
    Alameda, CA
    I'm with the crowd that says to go with an Essex from Rondo Music. Though Treena makes a very good point with those starter packs. Just make sure you get a good one and not some no-name brand trash.

    I would just like to suggest that if you can find a used Fender Bassman 25 (my first amp), jump on it. It shouldn't cost too much money and it's an amazing little amp. I've been playing for almost four years now and it still gets me my tone when I don't need too much volume.
  13. I've just started to, my dad got me a Yamaha RBX170, its about 170 bucks. And I heard thats the lowest price bass around. 4 string P&J pick ups rosewood...www.zzounds.com is a good place to go
  14. antipop


    Nov 6, 2003
    Without a doubt in my mind, I'd go with this bass. Not only does it have a great tone out of the box, for a hundred dollars it is extremely upgradable, you can even make it sound like the highend Stingray
  15. Mental Octopus

    Mental Octopus

    May 24, 2003
    I would recommend the starter packages that Treena suggested. It has everything she would need to start without going overboard pricewise.

    If she has smaller hands than maybe a short scale would be the best bet. Personally, I started on a Fender Mustang when I was 8 and it was MUCH easier for me to play and enjoy than a normal sized neck.
  16. notabob


    Sep 20, 2003
    cincinnati ohio
    either an essex bass or a daisy rock bass.


    i am a 15 year old guy and i even want one of the daisy basses. call me fem, but i think it would be cool to own and awesome to play on stage.
  17. How did I know Treena would say all that! Dang I'm good!
  18. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    Sorry to nit pick but i thought that the new Squier Jazz Basses were made in Indonesia/China. The only basses squier made that would cost more than a MIM Fender would be a Squier Pro-Tone, IIRC.

    Back to the subject: I would recommend either a package from what Treena said or peice together a package.
    Bass: Essex Jazz, Fender Jazz [what i started on-now i play a Ray5], Squier Jazz
    Amp: Fender BassMan 25, Peavey Microbass
    The rest: instrument cable, strap, tuner, instructional book or even better LESSONS, then there's probably a few things that i've missed.

    That's all
  19. cods


    Sep 16, 2003
    *wants a daisy rock*
  20. Yes, Tyler I am consistently predictable.........or is it
    predictably consistent?

    Oh, well! :D