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Bass for Metalcore/Jazz

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Zentner, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. Zentner

    Zentner Supporting Member

    Ok, so basically... I'm running a Mesa 400+ through a BagEnd Q10BX-D, and a Really Crappy Ibanez Ergodyne Bass through it all, and she's just not cutting it.

    What I need is something with growl in the bottom end, Some poppier mids that will actually cut, and Prominent highs for some slap/pop jazz style stuff, and plenty of bass chords. I play only with fingers and thumbs.... noooo picking.

    I played a Stingray 5 through some other tube heads, and I was really impressed with it all around, but I'm curious as to what else would satisfy my criteria.... Basically, I'm not looking to spend much more than $2500 Canadian... It needs to be rough enough that I can rock the **** out with it and not worry about getting a scratch on it, but sound sweet enough that it's comparable to Star Jones' Angelic Voice. Oh, and it needs to be a 5 string.

    Any suggestions OTHER than a Musicman Stringray 5... because that's really what we're looking at right now if nothing else comes up.

    Or, really any suggestions as to wood combinations would be greatly appreciated... I was kinda looking at an Ash Body and Maple Fretboard, but I'm not really all that smart with that kind of thing.

    Anyone know of a website that gives some kind of a description with how the body/neck/fretboard woods will sound?

    Thanks so much D00ds!

  2. What ergodyne bass is it?

    the ones ive played havent been crappy . . . .

    anyway, just checking, you have have tried the batteries in it?

    Stingray like sound? Ibanez ATK, or a stingray
  3. Zentner

    Zentner Supporting Member

    Oh yea, The bass sounds fine... I've had it for years, and I change the batteries regularly... that's not an issue.

    I'm just saying... it doesn't compliment the sound I am looking for. I need something that doesn't sound as flat or dead... more pop, growl, and just tone overall.
  4. Zentner

    Zentner Supporting Member

    AND thanks for the reply. :D
  5. MODNY

    MODNY Guest

    Nov 9, 2004
    that killed me lol :bag: :meh:
  6. Hmmm... you might dig the Spector Euro. That thing is violent in a real sweet way.

    Also, you might be interested in the Fender Marcus Miler Jazz bass, as it not only has an ash body with a maple neck/fretboard, but it also has that monstrous Miller slap tone.

    One last thing to consider, is maybe a preamp. I use the Hartke Bass Attack pedal and in all sincerity, it shapes sounds so radically that you'd think you're hearing a completely new bass.

    If you're interested, I can record a sound clip to show you. It's only a $100.00 too, so it's just a thought... Personally, I'd go for the Marcus Miller and the Pedal and save the cash for some more goodies :bassist:
  7. Zentner

    Zentner Supporting Member

    Cool, I'll definately look into those.

  8. what in the world is metalcore?
  9. iplay4-5

    iplay4-5 Guest

    Feb 4, 2004
    rockford, IL
    the ibanez srx700's are supa saweet and the sr500's w/ the barts or the sr900 neckthru i play the sr506 and the barts n wenge bubinga neck just growl n the it plays soo sweet w/ low action even w/ de0tuned strings
  10. Tash


    Feb 13, 2005
    Bel Air Maryland
    +1. Its really hard to get a bass that cuts better than a Spector and still has lots of thickness and body to it.

    Metalcore = Hardcore with metal riffs basically. Or metal with hardcore breaks. Lots of metalcore bands mix other genres as well, some with very good results.
  11. Scooch


    Mar 11, 2005
    You try out the MM Sterling or Bongo?
  12. My recommendation would be either a Lull, Sadowsky, or Fbass, but I'd go with the Lull personally. It can do both styles well with the right eqing.
  13. You can use any bass you want in a metal band because you really just add to the texture of the music. When/if you do solo or play leads, a growly/jazzy tone will sound good. You want to stay away from a scooped EQ or a scooped sound, and some top end will help so no really dark sounding basses. Look at quality basses with Jazz+HB pick ups for a versatile sound.
  14. Zentner

    Zentner Supporting Member

    I played an Fbass a few weeks ago, and I really loved the sound to it, but it's just a bit too delicate for what I want to do with it. A beautiful instrument nonetheless... I'd like one if I played in a band more suited to me not breaking anything with it.

    Well, I'd really consider the music I play to be part of the Genre "Mathcore" Which... is really just technical Metal/Hardcore punk with some Jazz elements thrown in for good measure. My band is moving more along the lines of Destroyer Destroyer.... or maybe A Textbook Tragedy.

    Some More popular bands in the Genre would include Ion Dissonance, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The End....



    Really... I'm thinking of looking into a Fender Deluxe P Bass V as well. I'm just not sure if it'd put out as much as I'd want it to...
  15. I got a sore throat just listening to that.

    But I can vouch for the term "Mathcore" I hear people talking about it all the time.
  16. Greg Johnsen

    Greg Johnsen

    May 1, 2005
    Hickory NC
    try a high end Ibanez or Yamaha.

    The Yamaha TRB'sare good basses, and might give you the sound you want..


    The Ibanez SR905 is a great 5 string, along with the
    SR1005EFM. It's a prestige bass, looks like a custom, it's in your bidget, and they play like a mofo. I absolutely love my 6er of that series.

    good luck

  17. a G&L would do nicely. they tend to be a bit cheaper then the Musicmen, and they're the "updated" version of Fender's stingray/bongo(if you want to count bongo). they play very nice and the humbuckers are in the same spot so its the same feel, just a bit more high quality for a tad cheaper.
  18. punkmetal

    punkmetal Guest

    Jul 19, 2005
    WI (milwaukee area)
    the current over used basses in metalcore that i have been seeing are:

    warwick thumb and corvette
    Musicman Stringray
    Fender Jazz or P

    but any thing can really work

    +1 on the yamaha TRB. I want one of those so bad, i only heard a sound clip and read about it and i am already in love. the wide string spacing and the extra long scale. oooooo yea. i missed a steel on a 6er on 'bay by like 5 min. o well till we meet again.

    I am also friends with a bass player that plays in a lighter metalcore/i don't even kno what else odd kind of mix. he uses a schector custom 5, but i don't think it would be good for slap tho

    §§§ BTW mad promts to you for not picking. i hate all the new bands that are on stage that r using picks on one string and playing straight 8th note on a single note for 2 messures and MAKING MONEY DOING IT. not that i hate ppl that pick basses, its just not my style.
  19. Zentner

    Zentner Supporting Member

    Too many 9th chords and boring basslines in metalcore.... but I like to think I'm doing something better than that.

    Thanks so much for the suggestions everyone. I'm looking into all of this as we speak. :D
  20. I don't know what would satisfy a bass that you could "beat the crap out of" =( .. but in terms of wanting "bottom growl etc etc..." to me you've pretty much spelled out a fender jazz.

    I wouldn't get a really expensive bass for touring in a mathcore band, especially since soundmen will put the bass low in the mix in metal bands anyways. You're going to get dings if you're acting wild on stage; and then even some just in general from touring or playing out. Your sound won't really matter unless the guitars go clean and you're doing your 'pop jazz thing' in which case what matters is what you're actually doing, not what instrument you're playing (and no one ever complains about a fender jazz tone). The slim neck will help with your runs as well.

    Another cheap option would be a carvin (detuned) which has a lot of growl as well when played/EQd correctly and also has a thin neck. Dude from Into the Moat plays a carvin.

    Good luck.