Bass for the Bass-Impaired

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  1. Does the complexity of tabs have you down? Want to threaten your drummer's job security?

    Then quit slapping and start stomping with the Porchboard Bass!!!

    ......"When combined with an accompanying guitar, the porchboard bass gives the impression that the bassnotes are changing....more percussive than a bass guitar....." -


    (Actually, if it wasn't almost $300 bucks, $450 for the mahogany, it might be fun to play real bass with simultaneously).
  2. MikeyD

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    Sep 9, 2000
  3. Hello Rick.

    Hmmm. That'd go nicely with your custom. Nice shape,too. And did you have a hard time deciding between that and the Matt Schmill fretless? Yes, I can see you did. There's a certain something about this flat bit of wood with some more flat bits attached, that you connect to your amp, don't you think?

    Have you got your custom yet and did you buy the MS?


  4. Mike


    Sep 7, 2000
    The wave of the future, my man. The revolution is here! :)
  5. Hee, hee! What do you think would do the job with that board, Rockin'? A big 18" subwoofer and a Fuzz Factory? Do you have an English distributor yet for this technological marvel?

    On the custom, the last component I didn't have nailed down was sent to the luthier this week, (fingerboard wood). This wood source offered me this unique wood, I researched what I could, and told him I'd take it. Then he says he sold it that same day. So, I phone him the next day, (we have a two hour time difference), to ask if he has another hard, dense, wild-looking wood around. It turns out he didn't use the entire log the day before, so the luthier phoned him to find out more and had a piece shipped to him.
    The story is, these Amerisan (sp?) Indians, who are wood harvesters, came upon this one log of mirindiba in the middle of the Brazilian forest that had colors and figure not found in any other log. (I know, "mirindiba"??? Put it in a search engine and what little you'll find is almost all in Portugese). So, if that works, I guess I'll see the finished bass in about 3 months.

    I never intended to get the Schmill, as I mentioned in that thread. But I can see a fretless in my future and threw that out there to get some input on what to look for in a fretless besides "mwah", just as you would check the fret dressing and look for buzzes in a fretted. Another TalkBasser who was looking for just such an instrument got it.

    But, that experience made me wonder - don't other luthiers have instruments that come out with a blemish? It may be worthwhile to ask around about them.
  6. Well, not so sure about a UK distributor for the err, well, err flat thing: thanks all the same but I don't think I'll bother looking for one. Errrrrr......

    Funny thing is, the piece of wood looks quite nice. I reckon there might be a good idea for an instrument here. Remove the thinner flat bits, cut the big flat bit into a sorta guitar shape, then add, well, what, four strings to a longer bit that gets attached to the bigger flat bit. 'Call it, what? Bass; bass guitar; electric bass...?Nah. Never catch on?

    Actually, it would be nice to hear that flat thing. Perhaps as an accompanyment to (say) an accoustic it'd be passable?????Yeh???

    Pleased that the custom is coming along. That 'mwah' thing. Yeh. Pino Paladino 'mwah' was absolutely superb. I love Paul Youngs records just for that 'mwah'. 'Was never sure, though, whether it was done with loads of effects or whether it was what might be called, natural.

    Catch y' later.

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    Apr 1, 2000
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    I've actually hear these things. For what they were designed to do, they sound really cool. It doesn't act like the claims, but the real idea is an 'electric porch'.
  8. Hah! Gotta love the British sense of humor! :D

    On Palladino - I haven't trusted a studio recorded bass sound since about 1980, when my recorded sound started being impossible to reproduce live.

    This is almost 10 yrs. old but here's what Bass Player said about his sound - (an LA session production team sees Palladino coming into the studio with just his `79 Stingray in a gig bag and asked when the rest of his gear was arriving. Palladino told them that was it.
    - "...So they said, `How do you get your sound?' And I said, `I don't - you do.' Unless he's plugged into the Boss OC-2 Octave pedal that also fits into his gig bag. Pino records direct most of the time. `I let the engineer get my sound and then help him pinpoint it.' From there, he may decide to compress or harmonize it...Live...his lone pedal is the Boss Octaver....".

    And the "in the hands" thing, I would imagine, too.
  9. That's interesting about Palladino. He had / has a really unique sound and definitely one of the best - if not the best bass sound I've ever heard. A personal preference of course. IMHO his sound turned a reasonable but not too outstanding a singer into a real star: without P's bass I doubt Paul Young would have made it. Again, IMHO of course. (But I'm usually wrong about everything: just ask the wife....)

    Hello Pacman. Funnily enough, I'm not surprised the electric porch thing has a decent sound. Dunno why, really, but I'm just not surprised.

    See y' later guys.