Bass Gear FOR SALE!! (3 Preamps, 4x10, 2 Racks)

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  1. Alright Peeps,
    I'm new here so be kind if I'm doing this in the wrong place. I've got a couple pieces of Bass Gear I'm parting with. (No, I'm NOT QUITTING!, just extra tid-bits I need to find proper homes for)
    Here's what I've got:

    Ampeg SVP-BSP (Billy Sheehan Model) Bass Preamp $300.00

    BBE BMax-T Bass Preamp $400.00

    Trace Elliot (Older Cab, pre Gibson Buyout) 4x10 $300.00

    8-Space Rack (Shock-Type: Foam) $150.00

    4-Space Soft Rack $50.00

    Original Kramer/Spector Bass Case $100.00

    Email me at the following address if you're interested:

    Thanks and everyone have a Great Holiday Season!!!
    John :)

    :help: **I'm LOOKING FOR: Mesa/Boogie RoadReady Powerhouse 1000 Bass Cabinet (4x10/1x15)** :hyper:
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