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Bass guitar case for sale

Discussion in 'For Sale: Strings and Accessories' started by LoveThatBass, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Wolf Pack Bass case. Very good condition as it has only been out of the house 4-5 times. I mainly used it to store my Fender Jazz Bass in while at home and used a gigbag elsewhere.
    Asking $50 shipped Continental USA. Email for photos.

    This link shows what they look like:

    If interested, Email or send Personal Message please.
    Thanks for looking.
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  3. Just sent you a PM, you are now 1st in line. I will wait about 4 hours to hear from you . If you indeed want it please use the PayPal email address to send the money. If you get it in tonight I will ship tomorrow Fed Ex or Monday UPS (if you prefer that).
    Let me know
  4. Professor X

    Professor X

    Apr 15, 2002
    No pm yet ;) as soon as I get one ill send you the paypal
  5. I just sent you two PM's Please read the second one.
    Thank you,