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bass guitars with EMG pickup

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bassit, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. bassit


    May 24, 2005
    China Mainland
    Do u know any band of bass guitars with EMG pickup installed? ( custom is not included) Maybe emg pickup is
    born for heavey metal players.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. EricTheEZ1


    Nov 23, 2004
    Clawson, MI
    Not really. EMG makes quality pickups of all types in various housings. The only EMGs that are made for heavy metal (or toneless) basses are EMG HZs and Selects. The're the cheapos.

    The rest are quality, for the most part. The best thing about EMGs is the fact that you know exactly what you're getting, what it's supposed to sound like, and how to wire it. That's the drawback with manufacturers like Bartolini. They don't ever come out and say, "Sounds like a MM or Jazz or P or whatever."

  3. darkfish01


    Feb 11, 2005
    San Marcos, Tx
    My Spector has EMGs.
  4. RBASS930

    RBASS930 Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 26, 2005
    New York
    Schecter has them
  5. Jonki

    Jonki I will not slap my Bee!

    Oct 14, 2003
    Arendal, Norway
    ESP and Dean have'em installed
  6. Zooberwerx

    Zooberwerx Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 21, 2002
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Bunker / PBC.

  7. Kelly Lee

    Kelly Lee Yeah, I'm a guy! Supporting Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Marana, AZ, USA
    Your statement about HZs and Selects are your opinion. I have had basses with Selects, HZs, and active P/Js. All three IMO are good pups. Its just a matter of personal taste.

    ESP offers actice EMG 35-DC pups on their "metal" basses. Most other brands use the HZs and a few are using the Selects. Also, I play metal/punk and have used all three with excellent results.

    For another brand, Steinberger.
  8. Spector_Ray


    Aug 8, 2004
    I'm a HUGE fan of the EMG P/J's. Spector's used them for years and no complaints.
  9. bassit


    May 24, 2005
    China Mainland
    thanks for the info, for im a heavey music player, I want to buy a new bass which have emg pickup installed. thanks again.
  10. Petary791


    Feb 20, 2005
    Michigan, USA
    Who uses EMGs? I know Colonel Claypool does...
  11. Fred312b

    Fred312b Proof that gear doesn't make you a better player Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2002
    Chicago, IL
    some guy named victor wooten(?) uses emg's? i think that's his name.... :smug: modulus quantum basses come with them standard i believe, as do spectors. :bassist:
  12. Alot of hard rock and metal bands use EMG!!!

    Spector uses EMG, and not all of them are HZ, I mean, the SSDs kick major ass!!! (IMO) Just go to www.spectorbass.com and check out their artist page.
  13. Zooberwerx

    Zooberwerx Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 21, 2002
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Okay, here's another question re: active EMG pickups / preamps. My set-up has bass, treble, sweepable midrange, and DIP switches to set the treble center frequency. My untrained ear doesn't detect a lot of difference among the 4 DIP settings even when boosting / cutting the treble control. Anybody have any experience with this?

    Sorry to derail the thread, but its evident I have a number of EMG enthusiasts participating.


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