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    Jun 25, 2008
    hi everyone, im new here and new to playing bass (ive been playing for 2 months)

    i have a few questions

    1) my bass is a barracuda 4 string, how do i tell what type/model it is? i bought it used with the a 16 watt amp for $80

    2) i was thinkin about gettin an effects pedal or a whammy bar ( hipshot maybe), what would you recommend? i have heard that trems make your guitar go out of tune and break the strings, is this true?

    thanks for all the help
  2. twistdpair

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    Aug 28, 2007
    Doesn't matter what the bass is, really, as long as you like it.

    As for effects/whammy, I wouldn't put a whammy on the instrument. You can buy a Digitech BP200 that's a lot of fun, AND it has whammy capability. I'm sure some bass snobs will not dig this choice, but it is a fun pedal and I actually use it live for volume, distortion, and tuning.
  3. For that amp? Idk if you'd make an discernable difference with the effects pedal.

    The whammy bar is a multiple hundred dollar object, on a bass worth 50 bucks? Maybe not your best bet. Upgrade to better equipment first, get better at playing, and then think about some upgrades.


    Jun 25, 2008
    kk thanks, but this is just a curiosity question are barracuda's any good compared to others, i like mine and it sounds pretty sweet

    also how much would it be worth new?
  5. Kennethfaria

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    Mar 12, 2008
    never played a Barracuda, but I'm sure you can get one new for around 100 bucks. ?


    Jun 25, 2008
    anyone else know how a barracuda compares to other basses?
  7. DeanT

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    I think you should concentrate on getting better at playing before worrying about buying effects pedals and whammy bars.

    But, if you really, really, really want to get an effects pedal, get yourself a Digital Multi-FX pedal (the Behringer FX600 for example is cheap, about $30). Multi-Fx pedals have a variety of effects in one pedal, like delay, tremolo, flanger, chorus, distortion, etc. This will give you an idea of what effect you like best (that fits with the music you play) then you can go out and buy a more expensive effect dedicated to that sound.