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Bass in the movie Secretariat

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ivanthetrble, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. ivanthetrble


    Sep 9, 2002
    Watched the movie Secretariat the other day and in the scene where they are at the ball the night before the Bellmont stakes there is a band playing. The bass player is holding an insturment I have never seen before. Looks kind of like a wood Steinberger but it has a peg head on it and it is red. Has anyone else noticed this? Any idea what kind of bass it is??
  2. ivanthetrble


    Sep 9, 2002
    I found a youtube of the scene. Watch at about a second into the video and the bas player in on the right.

    What is that thing??
  3. M.R. Ogle

    M.R. Ogle Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Nov 5, 2004
    Mount Vernon, Illinois
    Backstage Guitar Lab owner
    I don't know...here's a quick screen-capture...
  4. ivanthetrble


    Sep 9, 2002
    That's it! Looks like a 2x4 with strings. Never seen a bass like it before.
  5. themarshall


    Jun 26, 2008
    cochrane wi
    LaBaye 2x4.
  6. It looks kinda like this bass in a local shop near me. It's just the headstock, the neck/fretboard, and a pick up. That one looks to have an actual body though, but they might be related maybe? I don't know it's called, I never really had any interest in investigating it beyond looking at it from outside
  7. johnbee

    johnbee Supporting Member

    Jul 15, 2009
    SF Bay Area
  8. ivanthetrble


    Sep 9, 2002

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