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  1. It is called "Encounters at the End of the World". I just got back from seeing it in a theater. It is playing in some cities, I am not sure which ones, but for sure New York and the Bay Area.
    It is about Antarctica and the people who work there.
    I play bass in a few sections, mainly in the beginning and some fake Scelsi during the volcano sequence.

    As far as music goes the seals are the real stars, they sound like electronic music.
    Anyway, it is a really beautiful film I have to say after seeing it again tonight.
    Here is the film site:
    And here is the trailer:

    I am much happier with my playing, and even more into the film than in the last one I did, "Grizzly Man".
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    Very cool, Damon. I doubt this movie will ever play in my area, so hopefully I can find it on DVD sometime. My dad is in Werner Herzog's next movie, The Bad Lieutenant, which is being shot right now. He told me that Werner is very friendly and spoke to everyone on the set, asking them their names and talking for a bit, even people with tiny parts like my dad, and the crew. It's pretty cool to hear that someone in his position is so down-to-earth.
  3. Yeah, he is like that, he is a very nice, very real person, and very committed to his work. Any more info on the "Bad Lieutenant"? The original is so great with Keitel - I just can't make any sense of re-doing it with Nick Cage.
    I am sure it will be a great film, though.

    Werner spent a lot of time with the musicians on the "Grizzly Man" sessions, there is a documentary on the making of the soundtrack in the Dvd.
    I have some post it notes of must read German Authors from him.
    "Encounters" makes it to Dvd in Nov.
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    I hadn't realized it was you playing on the Grizzly Man soundtrack. The music was very beautiful and fitting for the film. The doc about the music production was great; I really enjoyed the prepared piano and hearing you bow the strings as you were pulling them off of the fingerboard.
    Very cool!
    I am excited to see/hear the new film.
    And I hope that Herzog can coax a good performance out of Nic Cage. He can start by forbidding from wearing his goofy toupe...
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    Grizzly Man was great ! Hilarious, sad, tragic, and true. Few films can claim as much, fewer can deliver. Good documentray on the music sessions on the DVD as well.

    I'll check out this next film of his too. Thanks for the notice.
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    I thought I heard some fuzzy "bearclaw" grip playing in the fight sequences which, to my ears, could be clearer with a more traditional simandl technique.

    (I just couldn't resist the obvious!)

    Loved the music in that film. Wasn't Richard Thompson also involved?
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    That's great for you to be working with Werner.
    If you're ever in LA, dinner on me!

    I'm a big fan of Herzog. I know intimately most of his work.
    Popul Vuh did some great stuff for Herzog.
    One of my favorites:
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    Congrats! Herzog is one of my favorite film makers of all time! Seriously jealous!
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    Watch the henry rollins interview with Werner on youtube.

    The man is a badass.
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    Grizzly Man..........pretty controversial film. Seems that Timothy Treadwell was such a good con artist that he fooled even Herzog.....of course he believed his con so much that he didn't see the end of it. Very grotesque Richard Thompson and was very disappointed that he contributed music to thte soundtrack.

    "Mars Attacks" with Jack Nicholson, same type of tragedy, but at least it's a fantasy sci-fi flick.
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    Spooky synchronicity............Timothy Treadwell and Bernie Madoff share the same birth date..............April 29.......different years of course.....pretty ghoulish observation I'll admit.......watching Herzog films can have a way of entertaining that darker side of our human intellect.

    To each his own.

    Damon, congrats on your work with Herzog. Very impressive!