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  1. ok, i remeber seeing and ad in the back of a guitar magazine a while back something about a platform you put under your amp that keeps you from losing resonat energy down through whatever platform you are playing on, i was wondering if anyone has heard of anthing like this,

    baiscall im looking for something to keep some of the vibrations of my amp from traveling through the floor down into the appt below me......anything i can do there? right now i just have a bunch of towels under my cab to try to muffle it a bit, but i was wondering if there was anything else i could do
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  3. ahhhh, thank you, thats exactly what it was i was looking for
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    if you want an cost effective alternative, try finding that thick yet springy blue styrofoam that comes in Dell computer boxes. not the brittle white stuff and not the foam (like in your couch foam). I had about a 2" x 12 x 18" piece.

    oh, also check out your local walmart or pool store for floatation mats might work just as good and $40 cheaper.