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  1. i was on a site yesterday called bass lab and they have some of the SEXIEST basses i've ever seen!!! and looking at the spec they seem quite good so i was just wondering, has n e one ever played or owned one and if so what do they sound and feel like because looking at the price lists i might be able to afford one if their worth it, thanx :)
  2. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    Well, congratulations!
    Since I will not be selling any to you, I'll tell you frankly: they are terrible! Adicctive as cokain...well, addictive, anyway.

    I think you should contact Lars and have one for test. When I did, I suddenly had a bass that was good for hands and back. Dispite that the individual I had was not my favourite model. My favourite fits like a sweater!
    Soundwise, the key words are clarity and versatility.
    In passive mode, it has a very clear sound, but yet full. In active mode, it sounds as you deserve:D OK, seriously, you can dial in almost any bass sound.
    I could go on for meters to come:rolleyes: but what you should do is try them yourself.