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  1. grmbl..

    for one whole week i'm without a bass.. :(

    The action on my bass was WAY too high, and i couldn't get it lower myself. So, i took it to the store where i bought it, but the dude that does the basses is on vacation.. Argh.. this sucks.. now i have to wait a whole friggin' week for my baby to get done.. :(
  2. neptoon


    Jul 25, 2000
    Kings Bay, GA
    i feel your old commanding officer wouldn't allow us to bring electric instruments underway, so for five patrols of the seven that i've done on submarines, i had to go with out a bass...and the other two i was too busy to play anyway. do you have any clue what that does to your chops? :eek: man, you don't wanna know...oh well, i'm slowly recovering...six months a year for 4 and a half years without a bass...just thought i would whine a little :D