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    Jul 11, 2001
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    I know there have been several threads about this. How do you go about creating a bass line? Say I have a song that has a verse of simply G,C,D,C and a chorus of G,Am,Bm,C? How would i go about making a good bass line for that other than just sitting down until i find something that sounds good or is there some formula that you use? Help!
  2. Being the not-so-skillful bass master I am, when I make up bass lines on the fly, I generally just play arpeggios.
    For ex.
    G.B.D.B| C.E.G.E| D.F#.A.F#| and so on. Sometimes I play a 7th or octave instead of the 3rd again.
    If they doesn't fit the song then you can try scales,