Bass Luthier in Phoenix

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  1. Hello all.... Anyone know of a great Bass Luthier here in Phoenix?

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    Neil Moser is somewhere around Phoenix, also, call Dennis or Lee at the Bass Place, they might be able to point you in the right direction
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    Are you looking for a builder, or a guy who can do good work on your basses?

  4. honestly.... Either... I would LOVE to own a custom made bass... Would be awesome!
  5. Just bringing this back to the top... I am still needing to find a luthier in the EAST VALLEY of Phoenix. The only guy that I have found around here that is a bassist and luthier is WAAAAAAAY OVER on the west side. Does anyone have a phone number of someone that I can call to find someone around my side of town. ALL OF MY insturments need set up! Tis the season!!! =) Please help.
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    Possibilities, perhaps...

    Bronson Guitar Works, in Scottsdale. 6830 East 5th Avenue Scottsdale, AZ 85251
    (480) 941-2636 (I had some work done here many years ago, nicely done.)


    Beck's Guitar Specialty Services

    Address: 121 E Hermosa Drive, Tempe, AZ 85282
    Phone: 480-829-9630

    Rich can be kind of a tool, but seems to do pretty good work.

    First Eastsiders that come to mind. Good luck.

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    Beck is a TOTAL tool. I would never bring an instrument to his shop, because no matter how "good" he is, I have too much self-respect to endure him for even a minute...and I can't punch that condescending know-it-all.
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    This guy does mostly Amp repairs but there is a guy upstairs that builds necks and a vintage shop out front. He may have a good line on someone who does setups.

    M-Tronix 41 West Main St Mesa Az 480-461-3194
    Jeff the owner is a super nice guy, good bass player and should be able to help out. Also in PHX is Roberto Venn School of Luthiery, a top notch school for guitar builders, they may have a lead 602-243-1179
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    +1 for M-Tronics on any amp issues.

    I just got my SVT back from Jeff. All it needed was a new preamp tube, which was less than their minimum charge. So, rather than just set it aside and pocket the difference, he decided to clean the insides and check all the tubes and wiring. Solid!!
  10. The guys at the bass place definitely know their stuff however I was kind of treated like crap when I brought in my 6 string. They gave me the whole "this young kid has no idea what he's doing" look when I took it out after setting up an appointment for a set up. They kept poking fun at me for owning a 6 the whole time while I waited. Nice quick setup, just kind of upsetting they'd treat a customer like that and they've lost my business because of it.
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    Try this place for a set-up:

    McKnight Guitar Co
    1940 W Chandler Blvd Chandler AZ 85224
    Phn. 480.782.9600

    The owner, Phil McKnight, is the setup guy. My guitar player says he's very good. I'm going to bring a couple basses to him soon.

    For amp repair try:

    Field Services
    2445 East Thomas Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85016‎
    (602) 956-4199

    I had a very good experience with them.

    I'd have to agree with Metaldood19 on The Bass Place as well. I went there about a year ago with the intention of buying an amp but was so turned off by them that I would never go back. Nice store, good selection . . . poor customer service. They lost a good potential customer in me . . . had the experience went well, I'd be dropping money there all the time.
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    Honestly, I to uh,...soften the edges somewhat. (Ahem.)
    Just because the guy was a total asshat to me (and to others in my presence) doesn't mean I shouldn't refer the OP, right? :D I mean, perhaps Senor Beckenstein maybe just didn't like me, or maybe he'd be better to the OP.
    He's an Eastsider who came to mind.

    And RE The Bass Place, as far as I can tell, they mainly do business online, and the brick & mortar location is convenient to a local storage facility. Mainly a part-time avocation, it seems. As for their CS, one of the guys went out of his way one day to find me an inexpensive pickguard for my P when I needed one. Actual Fender part on my limited budget. Even had to dig around a bit.

    Again, people can change, and people can offer different sides of their personalities on any given day.
    That said, your personal experience with anyone mentioned herein may differ. Or, maybe not.
    Enjoy. ;)