Bass mods (Reutz etc) on vintage "Vintage RAT"?

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  1. I've had an old (year unknown, but no reissue) "big box" Vintage RAT on loan for almost ten years, and just been able to convince its owner to sell it to me. At a good price even.

    Now, it sounds amazing for guitar as expected (and thats how I've been using it mostly), and i really like it for bass as well - however it does lose some low end.

    Now that i OWN the pedal I was thinking of trying to mod it for better lowend response.

    Does the simple Reutz/clip the leg-mod work on an old big box RAT? Any other mods specific to this model? Most sites show mods on RAT2/small box RATs.
  2. Crater


    Oct 12, 2011
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    The big box version is identical to the later versions, the only difference I know of is the later versions with the status LED use the so-called "millenium" bypass circuit to switch the status LED on and off.

    Yes, the Ruetz mod will work on the big-box version.
  3. Great!

    Mine doesn't have the LED, so maybe I should worry about the vintage value of it. But OTOH...I want to use it!
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    Jun 16, 2008
  5. taurus1


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    or you could do what I do (and Justin Chancellor and Byron Stroud etc. does) and put an eq after it to add bottom end.
    personally I much prefer the eq to clean blending this pedal.
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    Jul 1, 2009
    I did the Ruetz mod on a Turbo Rat and loved it. I ultimately ended up trading or selling it (I can't remember which) but that is one pedal that I regret getting rid of.
  7. Used the Big Box RAT last night, P-bass into a vintage Hiwatt DR103 and a Tuck n Roll Kustom 2x15. Actually a lot less low end loss than i remember. Sounded great!

    Might keep it un-modded.
  8. I always noticed with Rats that there is a sweet spot on the settings where lows stay intact and it gets nice and grindy sounding.
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    Sep 13, 2006
    Vancouver B.C.
    I have a "Vintage Rat" as well, I think it's the first year reissue, 91? also have an 1986 Rat and an early Turbo Rat.
    all three and severe low end loss, great od other than that.
  10. I have now dated the pedal to '83 with the pot codes. The big box rat was only made until that year so it couldn't be later.

    It also has the LM308N chip as desired :)

    Wil probably keep it un-modded (maybe, maaaaybe ad an LED?) and use it more for guitar and high-volume bass applications (that's were it seems to lose the least low end...).
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    Fwiw, bass increases more than treble when the volume is cranked, so that is probably true. The mod is super easy and super easily changed back if you can work a soldering iron. I'd recommend an eq after to boost lows or a blender if you're worried about actual mods. Plus, you can always resell an eq or blender pedal easily.