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Bass monitors

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by rexspangle, Jun 18, 2001.

  1. I notice that several companies sell bass monitors. (for ex. SWR's bass monitor 12)

    Would this be something you plug into your head?
    (if so where would your cab be located then?)


    is it just wired in parallel with the other monitors?

    nothing real important just wondering

  2. you'd just use it like any other cab.

    I'm very interested in learning more about bass monitor cabs, like you. See, it just doesn't seem to make sense, if you're using a PA, to have some massive 4x10, or 8x10, behind you and pointing forward. Seems to me if I could have a wedge in front of me, and maybe one near the drummer, then that's all I'd need.

    I began thinking of this because yesterday, in sound check and one song I played about 10 feet in front of my rig, and could hear myself well. Then later I had to play about 2 feet in front of the rig to look at charts, and noticed I could barely hear myself.

    I know SWR used to make a wedge monitor for bass guitar, but recently discountinued it. You'll notice that dang near everyone is making a wedge combo amp these days, so WHAT GIVES? Can't those of us who use a head/rig get a wedge?

    Give us your thoughts!!!!

    (I'd probably buy a used SWR monitor if anyone has one....)
  3. Yeah, SWR discontinued many very cool things.
    Stereo 800, a top rated amp.
    The 12" monitor.
    The Basic Black.
    Skip the SWR with the lousy customer service.

    Check out the Tech 21 Bass Power Wedge 60.
    It feeds off your amp or preamp and has its own active EQ and it own 60 watt power amp.

  4. eden makes two different type of 2x10 wedge's. One is 4 ohms, one is 8, and basicly one is the 1x10 x 2 (basicly two 1x10's in the same box, with a wedge), and the other is basicly the 2x10xlt with the box cut like a wedge.
  5. anonymous101511

    anonymous101511 Guest

    Mar 5, 2001
    Dean Markley Strings, Xotic Basses, Kubicki Basses
    OK guys , Think for a moment! Why pay extra for a "boutique" monitor with little (10"for a bass speaker IS little) speaker, when you can get a much better monitor by buying a sound reinforcement wedge with a 12' or a 15'.!For concerts, I don't even use a conventional bass rig.It makes no sense,as the P.A. is sending your sound to the audience, and speakers behind you are not giving you the best performance if you are trying to hear yourself!I use a pair of Meyer 2x 15" plus horn, wedges.That's all you need for arenas.A single 15" high quality wedge, like an EV or comparable, with good power, will give you all you need for club set- ups.Your sound guy will love you ,the band will sound better, you might even score!If you dont have bass in the P.A. , just use an appropriate rig for that,and use your monitor to taste.All the current 'fashionable' bass amps and speakers are under- performing and over priced when compared to good sound reinforement gear!!!And do yourself a favor, get away from these mini- speakers( 10's and especially 8's!)These things sound OK close up and at a low volume, but fail miserably when compared to good 15's or 18's on the bottom of a bi- amped set-up!Don't bother with the junk that Eden and SWR sells, get JBL or EV proline speakers in small, P.A. enclosures, you'll feel all the bass you've been missin' !
  6. I've had good results with putting my Bergantinos (2X10's) on stands directly in front of me. I'm using the new Genesis stands and they seem to be holding up well...AND I don't have to push my amp as hard to hear myself!!
  7. My thoughts exactly. Except for the using 15's or 18's in a monitor, isn't their throw real long? Also, I (and most of us) aren't playing arenas, and don't have the room on stage for a large rig. Playing on smaller stages and smaller venues, I think a 12" sub in a monitor would be fine. I personally like the sound of most 12's vs. 15's.

    Question, I've always heard the most general purpose monitors arent' meant for bass. How's it sound? I'm thinking I'll mike that monitor if that's the way I end up going.

  8. Anyone try out the new GK cabs? They have single 15's that you can stack or use as floor monitor.
  9. Dolan


    May 23, 2000
    Vienna Md
    No need to go out and spend big buck's on big name monitor's.Here's what I did......I found an old 1x12 guitar cab for 50.00,popped in an Eminence 300 watt RMS speaker I had laying around, and got an amp stand and I just set the cab on the stand and angle it toward's me.Let the p.a. do the work.Stage volume shouldnt be very loud or it will sound crappy out front.
  10. Phat Ham

    Phat Ham

    Feb 13, 2000
    Wow! Vail Johnson at Talkbass!
  11. Dolan,

    I don't know much (ok, nothing) about cabinet tuning or porting, but I would think that those factors would come into play regarding how the monitor sounds. But if it works for you, great!

    Here's what I think I'm gonna do, can't believe I didn't think of it earlier...just get one of those amp stands, and either set a cab or a combo amp on it, duh!
  12. Dolan


    May 23, 2000
    Vienna Md

    You hit the nail on the head.I dont know squat about tuning cab's,or any of that high tech jingo but, my ear's know what sound's good and that is all that matter's.I personally like the sound of 12's with bass but most people dont.The main thing to be concerned about in bass application's using guitar cab's I would think would be rattling and thing's of that nature.I just considered the cost of a monitor and thought "I dont think so" to the price's and figured why not use that guitar cab sitting collecting dust?

    I think most people (myself included) worry to much about how to attain that ultimate tone instead of concentrating on our technique.Our sound is in our hand's.Sure, great equipment help's but it is in our hand's I firmly believe.

  13. bizzaro


    Aug 21, 2000
    So you use the P A monitor amp to drive the monitor speaker or do you hook it into your own amp like a cab??
  14. Dolan


    May 23, 2000
    Vienna Md
    I just hook it up to my amp.
  15. right on, Dolan, about tone being in the hands.

    On that note, however, I do find increased confidence when playing through good equipment with a nice bass, and I think, for right or wrong, that confidence increases my enjoyment and makes me a better player. Same thing with golf equipment, and other stuff. Then again, it gives me great pleasure to score better (golf) than others who have much nicer equipment. So yes, if you can make average equipment SING, then that is the best tone you can have....and satisfaction.
  16. ok if you hook it up like a cab. then what if you are running 2 cabs and that is all your head can handle? that is what i dont understand. if you hook a bass monitor up and a cab why the monitor? or why not just use a single 2x10? (yeah i know it isn't slanted) instead of a monitor?

    i dont know i guess i like to find the practical side to everything.
  17. Rex,

    the point of this thread was that if running through a PA, what is the point of having some huge rig on stage. I was initially inquiring as to using a monitor instead of other "cabs". I still think this is the way to go. Yes, I think it would be pointless to be running cabs and a monitor, UNLESS you're not running bass through the PA, then I guess you need whatever you need to be heard. But for stage volume, my presumption is that a small cab, or monitor, pointing at you would be the way to go.

  18. yeah i hear what you are saying and i totally agree with you. Also thanx for letting me know what the thread was about, but you might wanna check the name of who started it :)
  19. thanks, Rex. Man, I've been so involved in this thread I took it as my own. I'm glad you started it, I think it's been good. Here's my deal, and if you wanna check my profile....

    I tried to sell my V4 on ebay, but some dude from Finland bought it, despite my indication that I would not sell overseas. So I still have it, and now am glad I do. I love the sound of it. Anyway, I'd love to use this on stage, run it into a good bass monitor or two, and mic one of them for the board. Right now, I'm just using the church's BXR200, which isn't bad cuz I have the Sansamp Bass Driver DI, but I still like my V4 better. I just need a good cab for it and want a monitor. Anyway, thanks again....

  20. :)

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