Bass/Music related gift ideas for $100

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  1. My family decided tonight we'll do a Secret Santa. Gift limit is $100. Gift cards are not allowed.

    Any ideas what I could ask for? Was thinking strings, but my next strings will be a custom set of singles from bassstringsonline and I'd rather order that myself.

    Any pedals, books, DVD's, tools from Stewmac, you guys can think of?

    I dont usually buy pedals, but I don't think they come that cheap new, but I'd be interested in distortion, compressor, reverb, or volume (the foot pedal kind where you can creat vibrato the sounds) pedals.
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  3. That's my and my wife's feeling towards Secret Santa as well. It is really just for the sake to give a gift and keep the traditional of opening gifts on Christmas morning... But it is what it is, I might as well get something I'll use.

    Regarding the tuner, that's a good suggestion. Thank you. Any others?
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    May 19, 2012
    What would you like to have in the first place? If wyou want to focus on theory, I could recommend ''Serious Electric Bass'' by Joel Di Bartolo. I have that book and it's a must have!


    I also could recommend ''Ultimate Bass Exercises'' by Max Palermo. It's a great book with over 700 exercises getting more strength and suppleness of your fretting hand.


    If you are not that much into theory, and prefer a pedal instead, I recommend the Mad Professor Blueberry Bass Overdrive. Only 3 knobs, but a helluva possibilities it offers.

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    May 19, 2012
    Oh, I see you were talking about distortion. Then the good old BOSS ODB-3 OverDrive pedal will be a nice choice

    The MPBBO gives you this sound

  6. Interesting options, I was looking at the Serious Electric Bass book as I will be getting a 6'er in a few month... Hopefully.

    Those pedals would be up my alley. Both seem pretty good for what I'm looking for. Thanks!
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    A good strap might be an idea.
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    A good strap might be an idea.