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    You may have heard of the Barker Bass Mutes. When there is a discussion on TB about mutes, usually these are mentioned.

    Ed Friedland is a user of the mutes and has mentioned them in his instrument reviews.

    I have been manufacturing the mutes for about 8 years now. They are particularly popular among players who are after the Jamerson sound, though there are bassists through many genres who use them.

    They come as a set of two, which can be used singly or in tandem to create varying degrees of mutossity.

    I am retiring from building Barker Basses and I would like to see someone continue this cottage craft which has been a nice little side thing through the years.

    The sale price includes oodles of raw materials, photographic instruction in a three ring binder, and ten completed sets of mutes. It would be helpful to have access to a bandsaw to build the mutes. Other than that, no specialized equipment is required

    They have sold at $19.95 postage paid US.

    DSCF1880.JPG DSCF1873.JPG
    Please email me (Lee Barker) for more pictures of the materials. I'm happy to answer any questions anytime.
    [email protected]

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