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Bass needs a slight bridge adjustment

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by FunkSkunk, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. Bass needs a slight bridge adjustment, have only had it a few weeks and i noticed that the d string buzzes on the first few frets. Upon closer inspection i noticed that its saddle was a bit lower on the bridge than the rest of the strings. I want to fix the string height, but a friend told me that if i mess with it i will throw off my intonation. Is there anyway i can perform this at home without paying (aint got no money) someone to do it?

    basically i just wanna know how to get my intonation back incase it does get messed up, and how to tell if it IS messed up after i change the string height. thanks :)
  2. Hi Funk Skunk!

    To fix your intonation whatcha gotta do is:-

    do ALL bridge/neck adjustments FIRST, then fix your intonation.

    1) tune the open strings, plucking it OVER ther 12th fret.
    2) fret (play it) the 12th fret, how does this correspond on your tuner?
    3) If it's to sharp, turn the saddle-screw clockwise, thus moving the saddle backwards. Turn anti clockwise if the fretted 12th is flat

    ALWAYS retune the open string after each saddle-adjustment, then repeat the steps!

    Sorry if thats a bit vague, hope it helps though, if you do a search, there are plenty of threads out there with exellent info.


  3. thank man, i just adjusted my saddle hieght and all is well now, intonation and all. Thanks man :)
  4. woa that was alot of thanks mans's
  5. hehe no problem!

    I went thru this big epidemic where I couldnt get my bass intonated, now it's so simple.. lol

    Thanks to everyone in the Set up forum - teaching me how! :D

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