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Bass Newb Needing Help Picking Out Cabinet for Pseudo-Bass

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by frusc25, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. frusc25


    Dec 19, 2013
    Hello all,

    I have reached the point in my search for a bass cab where I am pretty must lost and needing help. I am not a bassist, but rather a guitarist whose rig can produce “pseudo” bass.

    I use a cheap bass head (Acoustic B200H). I like to loop my guitar, then take the signal of the main rhythm and split it. I then send the signal intended for bass through a LPF -> Micro Pog -> comp -> eq, before sending it to the amp.

    I am happy with the bass sound that is recorded directly from the head, and currently when I play live I have the bass play out of my sound system/sub, which produces pretty much exactly what I want. It’s not a great bass sound by itself, but does a great job of filling out the guitar sound.

    However, for times when I am not home, I would like to have a bass cab that I can play out of. I pretty much play 90% of the time at low/medium volumes at home. Every once in a while I will play with just a drummer friend of mine. I can also imagine a few times this will actually be used with a real bass.

    I was thinking about just getting the Acoustic B115 cab as that is what matches my head, but I have heard not great things about it. I feel with my application, it would probably be perfectly adequate. But maybe one of you knowledgeable folks may have a better suggestion.

    My price range is $300-400. Would be fine buying used. Things that are appealing to me are lightweight, and the smaller the better (I have no idea what size speaker would suit my needs the most. I have included a couple clips of the guitar/bass if that would help at all)

    Thank you if you are still reading. I meant for this to be shorter so I apologize. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions!

    Clip 1(Bass Comes in around 10 seconds)

    Clip 2 (Choppier bass, in the entire time, follows Right Channel Signal)