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  1. I play fast paced (crappy) punk rock. I have a Ibanez beginner bass (GSR 190). Our band will be playing small club-type gigs. Our band never had any plans of playing in front of any crowds, just play for fun. But a friend that is in a local band that plays about twice a month heard us play, and liked what he heard, and asked us to open for them at some of their gigs. If I can make a few bucks playing my bass, I'm all for it. So now I need some gear.

    I currently have a 10" combo practice amp, and need to upgrade. I was told a 4x10 cabinet would be ideal for small club gigs. I was told that a 4x10
    cabinet would also give me the punchy bass I am looking for for the type of music I play. Is this info true?

    Basically, any information on what type of cabinet and head that would work for my needs would be greatly appreciated. Since I am a newbie, I am not partial to any brand, so any suggesstions on cabinet and amp setups would be helpful. I can spend up to $1500, but would definitely like to stay around $1000 if possible. You might have read my other post on Alumabass cabinets. I asked some locals, and one of them told me about the deal on Alumabass 4x10 cabinets at at nearly half price ($300-$350 normal price was $700). He said he played one and really liked it. I don't know him well enough to buy one based on his opinion.

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    Jun 15, 2001
    first of all, you need to fill out your profile so we can see who your influences are (people you want to sound like! ;) )

    Whoever recommended a 4x10 is right. 4x10s are the best cabs for punk, especially if theyre sealed ones like the Ampeg SVT 410HE. The sealed back and no ports makes for extra punch, which is what you want as a punk bassist. I would recommend a used 410HE for your cab. As for a head, maybe you could use a peavey firebass or nitrobass head. In a similar price range, theres the ampeg B series heads like the B2R and higher-powered B4R. If you want to spend more money, then I would recommend the Ampeg SVT-3 PRO. its $850 new, Im not sure about used. I would go for all used gear though, then you would get the most features and power for the buck.

    check out some amp and cab makers websites: (Ampeg) (SWR) (Peavey) (Gallien Krueger)

    uhh... thats all I can think of for now. you can get used gear from and

    Oh yeah, and most punk bassists use Gallien Krueger amps or Ampeg amps, especially Ampeg. They seem to be the favorite for punk music.

    If you need more info, just ask. Its hard to put everything you need to know about amps all in one post without forgetting stuff.